Looking for NES Teachers in Kao Yai National park, Pak Chong City, Thailand

Looking for NES Teachers in Kao Yai National park, Pak Chong City, Thailand

Date of Job Posted: Monday, January 15, 2018

Country of Job Position: Thailand

NES Teacher Needs: Khao Yai National Park - Pak Sung City. 3 Available locations.

AYC is the most famous company providing education, studying, and exchange opportunities.
In 1999, we pioneered the "School English Camp" program throughout Thailand, where native English speakers from around the world enjoyed our interactive English camps for students of all ages, By "the methodology was a launch pad. Our native speaker team has grown rapidly in programs that offer diversity and uniqueness to Thai schools. We were flooded at the request of the school where the NES teachers started a new ELEP class or a general ESL class. In 2005, we created a Thai teacher training program that allows government schools to enjoy the benefits of teacher education teachers in Thailand. We are very successful for the program's uniqueness. In 2010, we introduced AYC TESOL course Bangkok, certified by ALAP UK, in partnership with INTESOL Worldwide UK in addition to posting full-time teachers. In 2012, we added internship programs and volunteer programs.

We continue to move forward, we continue to demand creative and enthusiastic teachers at all levels, to share, direct, stimulate and drive students toward a better future.
As 2018 is a year of change, Human Resources can invite new enthusiastic newcomers to meet new and exciting developments and opportunities for existing school placement and new school placement for the coming semester.

We are currently in three positions in May 2018.
Location: Pao Jing Khao Yai National Park (only 2 hours from Bangkok)
3 Available positions:
1) ESL teachers K1 - K3,
2) ESL teachers 1st and 2nd grade
3) ESL teachers in grades 3 and 4

Business information :
Minimum requirements for this position:
• Native English speakers in one of the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada.
You must have a bachelor's degree and a Tesol or TEFL certificate.
• Outstanding time management capabilities.
• Excellent organization
• Applicants must be on time.
• Creating lessons, preparing interactive learning activities for this age group, student assessment and evaluation experience.
• Be flexible and adapt to new things and change.
• Priority to applicants with lecture experience in a relative classroom

Other requirements:
• Love to teach spiritual deterrent and children.
• Patience and tenderness with a positive outlook.
• Strengthen classroom learning and motivate students.
• Proven classroom management and management skills.
• Encourage student participation and learning.
• Can adapt to class quickly, can meet the diversity of classroom mechanics.

Salaries and benefits:
• Salary - 12 months contract including breaks total monthly salary 34,000 - 35,000.
• Renting apartments excluding monthly rentals
• Textbooks - Reviews, tests and tests provided by the school.
• We have a laptop for use in class development and learning.
• Each classroom projector, Internet A / C.
• Free school meals
• Assistance with visas and work permits accompanied by a refund.
• Transfer and relocation of the school before the school start date.
• Orientation, education, and guidance are provided.
• Ongoing support from NES AYC staff.

All interested applicants must submit the following three documents to Human Resources through this site link: 1) a brief self-introduction 2) a CV, 3) a recent photo.
All applications must be received after January 25, 2018.

All applicants will be notified of the receipt of the submission. Applicants whose applications are closed are selected and selected according to recruitment policies and procedures.

The selected teacher is required to teach the 20 minute demo lesson. So you can see the training requirements.
Successful applicants will be required to provide short demonstrations and introductory videos to support the personal profile of the school of interest.
We provide supplementary training and job training and development for all new teachers and / or experienced teachers. As AYC's employment is ongoing, teachers can support career advancement.

Successful applicants must submit an original criminal investigation and a certified degree.


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