Looking for Full time English Teachers in Batam and Palembang, INDONESIA

Looking for Full time English Teachers in Batam and Palembang, INDONESIA

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Country of Job Position: Indonesia

Full-time faculty from Riau Archipelago and South Sumatera, Indonesia

CENTRAL INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION requires a qualified native speaker to join our team with a one-year renewal contract. Successful candidates will have a recognized faculty certificate or equivalent experience. The flexibility of nature to adapt to life and enable work in a tropical country of development. A passionate desire to teach high school students. There is a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Excellent employment package and good working conditions.

There are opportunities to teach a variety of subjects such as:
- General English
- IELTS & TOEFL preparation
- Conversational English
- Business English

Comfortable and supportive atmosphere for staff and students.
We focus on quality rather than quantity.
The size of the class is kept up to 10.
Many students are high school students.

1. Acquired a Bachelor's degree in English or other major with TEFL / TESOL / CELTA accreditation.

At least 5 years of formal teaching experience (preferably at least one year in Indonesia)
3. US / UK / AUS / CAN / NZ Passport Holder
4. If you are between 26 and 45 years old
5. Nonsmokers who do not have HIV / AIDS, drugs and mental illness
Provide college degree certificates, transcripts and original transcripts of English language training for work visas
7. Has the ability to get a clear background check

We offer excellent employment packages:
- Up to one year of contract updates are available. 24 hours per week (Monday to Friday or a day off from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 20:00 pm).
- $ 1,000,000 salary depending on qualifications and experience.
- One month salary bonus after contract completion
- Vacation = 10 days of paid leave and 10 days of school closing and approximately 15 days of paid leave each year.
- Medical insurance;
- Economy class fares.

- Pick up at airport.
- All visas / work visas are borne by the school.

Other benefits of Palembang:
- Free modern furnished house (6 min walk, 400 m).

To apply, please send your CV / resume, copy of your passport, recent photos below:
hrd [: .. at .. ..] central-education.com

Please fill out this website on your application.

Central international education contents:

Central International Education - Palembang:
It is located opposite Palembang's most famous high school (SMA Xaverius 1).
Map https: //goo.gl/maps/bf3bb3qEsmR2
Street View https: //goo.gl/maps/8vYUoq5Hmw12
FB / IG: central.education.palembang

Central International Education - Batam:
Located in Batam's largest shopping mall (Nagoya Hill) area.
Map https: //goo.gl/maps/mne1XbACCuR2
Street View https: //goo.gl/maps/FwjaXJtygf72
FB / IG: central.education.batam

Palembang City Contents:

About Batam:

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