Recruiting full time English language teacher in Gifu and Aichi, Japan

Recruiting full time English language teacher in Gifu and Aichi, Japan

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Country of Job Position: Japan

Bohme English Academy

Position: full-time teacher
Start date: April 2018
Location: Ichinomiya City and Gifu City.
Work schedule: 5 days a week (Tuesday to Saturday)

summary :

Thank you for thinking about work at Bohme English Academy. We are opening two positions. These jobs can teach children of all ages, but the vast majority of students are between the ages of one and eight. There are opportunities to teach adult students, but the focus of these jobs is to teach young children.


* Applicants who have a professorship degree and CELTYL qualifications are very welcome.
* We are looking for teachers with the ability and the hope to teach flexible and adaptable students.
* I hope to have experience in the field of early childhood education.
* The ability to work independently is very important. We are successfully training candidates, but all teachers are different, so we have strengths in each field. With this in mind, we think you want to create fun and exciting classes for your students, using your own teaching style and methods.
* People who are really enjoying teaching, enjoying, and planning an attractive class.
* A person who can show patience when it is necessary to teach very young learners and to teach these subjects comfortably.

Working environment

* Our three home schools are based in Ichishi City (Aichi Prefecture) and Gifu City Gifu Prefecture (Gifu Prefecture).

* Unlimited internet access, video / audio access and a myriad of supplementary materials in the classroom.

* Our size limitations are as follows:

1-2 years (mother) - limit of 8 students
3 to 6 years old (including Japanese helpers) 15
6-10 years - limit of 8 students
11-16 years - limit of 8 students

* Pre-school age (3-6 years) Classes are okay anywhere from 75 minutes to 2 hours.

* Most elementary school age classes are 50 minutes long, but they also do two long classes.

* Textbooks are available, but we strongly encourage teachers to write textbooks.

- native speaker.
- Bachelor's degree.
- Experience in TESOL / ESL education and ESL environment
- Ability to plan fun classes of various classes.
- Has a positive attitude.
- DBS check / criminal record check
- At least two references

Priority requirements:
- At least 6 months overseas experience
- Japanese is an asset like any other foreign language.
- Ability to adhere to the deadlines of curriculum planning.
- International driver's license.

reward :
- Beginner's salary: 250,000 yen a month.
- Performance bonus.

Advantages :
- This fully-equipped shared house / apartment (depends on the school). 40,000 yen per month, shared utilities, internet, and refundable deposit.
- Visa sponsorship.
- Travel bonus agreement completed bonus.
- The company will provide you with a mobile phone if you need it - the amount you will pay.

To apply, CV and self-introduction explaining your experience. Please send me a recent photo of why you would like to come to Japan:


* Note: If you do not hear from us within 3 weeks, we will assume you have failed because there are many applications.

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