Looking for EMS TEACHERS (ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE) in Solo Baru, Central Java, Indonesia

Looking for EMS TEACHERS (ENGLISH, MATH, SCIENCE) in Solo Baru, Central Java, Indonesia

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 19, 2018

Country of Job Position: Indonesia

* This position will start on July 18, 2018
We have adopted the curriculum of Montessori and Cambridge at Indonesia International School. Our students range from kindergarten to pre-university. The school is in the midst of expansion, and we are recruiting ambitious individuals to strengthen the faculty.

• Engage in English, math, and science for elementary school students.
• Small arts and crafts can be taught
• To create a lesson plan, prepare the curriculum and provide a textbook.
• Regular communication with parents about student progress
• Organize activities on a regular basis. Strong School and Home Cooperation

• Reputation university degree
• Related educational experience
• Complete command of English
• At least 26 years of age (Indonesia requirement)
• Only experienced teachers are required (2 year contract)

Sale & Benefits:
• Indonesia
• Competitive pay (duty free)
• Two months free of contract for two years (with annual return)
• Private room and air-conditioning teacher residence (next to school)
• Health Insurance
• 5-Day Work Week (7:00 am to 4:00 pm)
• Salary leave: up to 75 days
• Teachers can explore the culture of Indonesia and visit lakes, beaches and mountains on weekends. Surrounding the country
• Cost of living is very affordable

Please send your resume with salary to be expected to be your current salary at recruit_sch@yahoo.com (recruit_sch @ yahoo.com).

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