ICEP Intensive English Language Teaching Programs in Thailand, 2018 May Start

ICEP Intensive English Language Teaching Programs in Thailand, 2018 May Start

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Country of Job Position: Thailand

BFITS (Bright Future International Education Services) was interviewed by an intensive English teacher for direct employment staff in 2018/2019. Beginning in May 2018, you will be given the opportunity to provide training in the Intensive Communicative English Program (ICEP) at various locations in Thailand.

Working conditions:

Class hours are 20 to 25 hours per week.
Class sizes range from 25 to 40 students per class, with air-conditioned classrooms or LCD projectors.
Class hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. School hours vary from school to school.
Curriculum and lesson plans can be seen already developed for each teacher.
All textbooks can be viewed on a laptop or classroom computer in digital format at BFITS. Established PowerPoint, Learning Management System (LMS)


Teach the subjects assigned to the assigned courses according to the schedule.
We offer a PowerPoint lesson on the interactive whiteboard provided by BFITS.
Change and adjust the class to meet the needs of the class.
Note: Classes are provided on laptop computers using Powerpoint.
IT skills are needed.
Maintain weekly school hours.
Use the company's online learning management system to maintain student performance.
Attend office meetings and professional development workshops held during business hours.

Minimum requirements:

Native English speakers (US, Canada, UK, Australia passport and degree)
Bachelor's degree (degree of education required or content area desired to be taught).
TEFL / TESOL certification.
Police clearance.
Basic office / IT technology
More than one year of teaching experience preferred

About School

The school is both a private and public school in Thailand that offers English language programs in partnership with BFITS. The English Language Program (EP) is an educational program that teaches all subjects using English, except Thai, Thai history and Buddhism.
Thai teacher

BFITS is a leading provider of English language teaching programs to government and private schools in Thailand. We are a full-service training company that provides a comprehensive, learner-centered experience. Therefore, we have the confidence to take an active approach to the learning experience. Using our technology, we can create programs that meet the needs of learners and schools while maintaining high levels of education and low costs. BFITS works with a team of schools to provide the best response training programs.

We do not have any recruiters. We are an educational service provider that hires teachers directly.

Please review BFITS Thailand if you have a significant impact on students and serious teachers. Submit your resume, including recent photographs, scanned degrees, TEFL, and other related documents, to Human Resources at Thank you.

Regarding the number of applicants, it is regrettable to contact only applicants who apply in the short term. Thank you.

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