English Language Teachers Are Wanted in Hokkaido, Japan

English Language Teachers Are Wanted in Hokkaido, Japan

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Country of Job Position: Japan

We have built a service area in Sapporo in order to diversify and expand the JES network business, an educational institution based in Takigawa City, Hokkaido.
Our JES network understands Japanese culture and education system with sufficient knowledge or equivalent ability in JET program and is looking for English teachers.

Qualifications apply to applicants with nationality. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan.
We welcome those who are passionate and committed to working with English teachers in Japan to prepare effective educational plans.

- Working hours: 30-35 hours per week (including breaks).
After-school assignments are exceptionally assignable within the term of the agreement.
?? - Public Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, spring one week, summer two weeks, winter two weeks.
?? Basic charge: KRW 230,000 (before taxes and insurance) You are responsible for the rents and utilities of electricity, water, and gas.
?? - In principle, part-time work is prohibited. If you are interested in another part-time job, you must obtain prior consent from JES under the supervision.
? I would like to have a long-term commitment to the company for more than three years, but I agree to sign a renewable one-year contract with improved performance.

Results will be notified by the end of December 2016.
Please attach your photo to your resume and college graduation certificate.

More about the work;

1. Work: Small town,
2. Level of Japanese required: Understand basic conversations about general topics and be able to meet the communication requirements in the school.
3. Driver's license: No other than Horikanai.
4. Monthly fee: 230,000 yen
5. The company subsidizes up to 5,000 yen for business vehicles.
6. Rent of apartment is 15,000 yen per month 20,000 yen.
7. Health insurance and taxes are deducted from your monthly salary.
8. Accident insurance is provided free of charge.
9. Workers and conscientious workers are highly regarded.
10. Hiring date: April 1 - May 1, 2018
11. The annual wage increase applies to those who have been highly evaluated by the school and its members.
12. I need to speak Japanese.

A. Horokanai
1. One person was accepted.
2. The city of the drug population. 2,000 people benefit from abundant nature.
3.1 High School 2 Elementary School 1 Middle School
4. I need a car.

If this is your case, please contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you and telling you more.

JES Network
1-3-10 Myojinmachi, Takikawa City, Hokkaido
Phone: 0125-24-8897 (office)
email: tsfjc033@ybb.ne.jp
Contact: Sekito

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