Native English Speaking Class Room Teacher Needed in Kuwait, KG to Grade 6

Native English Speaking Class Room Teacher Needed in Kuwait, KG to Grade 6

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Country of Job Position: Kuwait

Work activity expectations:

University :

Teaching 30 students with various advantages and disadvantages in an independent classroom.
Use the revised Ontario curriculum and support resources to assess how each child is learning best and plan and develop creative awareness and learning activities.
Create timely weekly study plans and submit quarterly preliminary plans and September long-term plans to the academic coordinator / associate professor.
Records management: Students' work files for each student are stored. This file contains a temporary progressive and complete copy of the pupil report, medical report and educational evaluation. Student attendance, behavior, and presentation information is posted on the School Information System (RenWeb).
Use of technology: Development and update of textbooks on curriculum tracking Effective treatment by smart boards.
Maintain professional competence through on-site professional development activities provided by the school.
It is essential to attend all conferences as planned by the principal.
Maintain a high-level indication of classrooms and hallways reflecting students' work.
Support other members of the faculty during a short holiday.
Manage your testing and assessment in accordance with the Academic Program.
Regular communication between the student's parents and the school (at least once a month).

Extracurricular Activities:

Submit a plan for the tour two weeks before the trip.
Participate in mandatory after-school activities that help develop after-school programs and develop competitively participating school teams at various levels representing the school. It is essential to attend scheduled meetings for special extracurricular activities
The teacher will attend at least one committee after school parent workshops, weekly school meetings, and all school events.

Department goals:

Follow weekly plans.

Achieve this year's curriculum and development goals.

Individual scoring:

Ambassador and promote the school.
Plan every week unit plan, long-term plan effectively in the classroom.
High-level classroom training Maintain the manner and behavior of students within and outside the classroom.

report :

Curriculum Trak will receive classes every Wednesday on a daily basis.
Unit plan - 6 unit plan per year.
At a glance / Long term plan for the next school year - school year (May).
Advance reports and cards on a schedule.
Submit the student's file to the subject at the end of each school year.

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