Native English Speaker Needed at an NGO's English Department in Peru

Native English Speaker Needed at an NGO's English Department in Peru

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 26, 2018

Country of Job Position: Peru

English Leader (Optional)

SKIP Peru is a charitable family with disadvantaged families in poor areas of Toru Hyo city. Our overall program focuses on the educational, economic, emotional, and social development of each child and family. Our aim is to cultivate the ability of children and families to play a major role in the transformation of their lives.
Ministry of Education
There are 300 children between the ages of 4 and 18 currently enrolled in the training program, with the largest department in SKIP. The goal is to maintain a stimulating, stimulating and engaging learning environment. Our goal is not to change the local education system, but rather to supplement it. SKIP Classes are offered in subjects such as reading, mathematics, and computing depending on the curriculum specifically designed for children.
English Education Program:
Our English team is generally made up of about 5 volunteers who run larger projects for 15 volunteers in June and July. SKIP centers and local public schools offer classes in classes.
We are taking a dynamic approach to teaching children. Classes are creative, activity-based, interactive. There are plenty of games and songs to entertain children, and you can learn in a fun environment. The English team is working with the teachers of the Peruvian public school to conduct these educational exercises in the classroom.
We are recruiting talented people who are currently supporting English language training programs.
English leaders are responsible for training and guidance of English teacher volunteers, observing classes, providing feedback, and motivating the team. They will develop and revise the El Poroviniru local public school curriculum. It is also responsible for community center libraries, supporting elementary education programs. Homework helpers, children who read books and play educational games can come to the library in the afternoon. Responsibilities include volunteer training and resource management.
Volunteer Profile
necessary :
EFL / ESL teaching experience (minimum 1 year)
At least 7 months promise
Intermediate Spanish
Experience teaching or managing older children
Passion for children and work
Can work with others in team
Enables proper training of role models
Ability to work with limited resources
Hope :
Fluent Spanish
ESL / EFL degree
Experience in lighting and curriculum development
One-year commitment
Supervising experience
Experience in developing countries / Latin America
English leader
Reportable to: Education Coordinator
Director: Volunteer
Please review the weekly schedule to see if you have volunteers for your new English team. Coordinate with your coordinator to schedule initial training or to provide additional support.
Introduce and guide new resources in public schools.
We offer a one-week "working time" session at the volunteer house. Volunteer Houses can solve classroom problems.
Monitor the lesson plans uploaded to the drive at least once a week by volunteers. Provide appropriate guidance and praise following volunteer work.
Participate in English meetings once a week and provide team leadership and support.
At least once a month during the weekly team meetings, mini-training is provided.
Work with the Education Coordinator to develop new program materials for the English team.
Place team resources (curriculum materials, flash cards, etc.) in the resource room.
Please report any concerns or concerns to the volunteer or its class to the Education Coordinator.
Observe classes and provide feedback to volunteers organized with the EC.
Advantages of working with us
With valuable participation in volunteer programs SKIP offers:
Volunteer house housing is provided (volunteering includes all other costs)
Thoroughly guide organizations, programs, departments and specific roles
Systematic and appropriate training of experienced and skilled staff
Mentoring and support in the form of meetings and informal meetings by regular oversight and staff
Opportunity to be a part of a diverse and dedicated team and welcoming community
When the deployment completes successfully
Watch our video
If you want to know more about our project, check out our video
For more information on running programs, please visit our website:

Provide training

Available housing

Language / Culture supported




International volunteer

How to apply

You can download the application form from the website.

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