Recruiting Native English Language Teacher on the Coast of Chile

Recruiting Native English Language Teacher on the Coast of Chile

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2018

Country of Job Position: Chile

We are currently recruiting team members to teach English and grow the ESL sector for one year starting March 2018. Ideally I am looking for someone who loves a professor and is really interested in participating in a very active, unique, and conservative coastal academia.

Our team's teachers want to promote learning and provide a good experience for everyone. We are a small but close team that loves what we do.

About the ESL Program

The Pichilemu Language Studies Institute (PILS) ESL program is a community-based project that provides quality English language instruction to Pichilemu and local residents since 2005. The ESL methodology is committed to helping our students learn much more than grammar and vocabulary. ESL professors are excellent tools to explore our local and international world and increase our confidence and communication skills. We are recruiting teachers who discover and possibly guide students in the trip.

This school also serves as a multicultural space because it offers classes in both ESL and Spanish for foreigners worldwide. Therefore, our school is a good atmosphere for cultural and language exchange.

About our students

The age and level of students vary greatly. Most of them are English beginners 15 to 35 years old. Classes are small (max. 1 to 7). I attend classes twice a week, one hour each.
Our English learners have come to the school with a variety of goals, but one common task can speak confidently. We aim to provide a safe space for all students to provide opportunities and increase communication skills.

Smile in our society

Pichiremu It is the horse of the Japanese word which means small forest. It is an oasis of rural and coastal life in the heart of Chile. Charming tourist attractions in central Chile are gathered in nature, countryside and history. Pichiremu We maintain many cultural traditions that are rarely seen in other parts of Chile. Kanpine Despite the deep tradition, modern life has been passed on to Pichiremu quickly.

Pichiremu offers a variety of activities throughout the year. There are many opportunities for navigation and surfing has become the hot topic.

ESL course

We have not reached the registration target yet. We are recruiting talented people who can creatively help promote our programs both in the short term and the long term. Our biggest marketing asset is the experience our students have gained both inside and outside the classroom. Their mention is very important to our school.
Because the program offers very inexpensive classes, we use registration numbers to keep the program running smoothly. We were able to increase the number of people in 2017 (from 7 to 35), but we would like to double it by the end of the year.

In addition to increasing the number of students who benefit from our program, we also want to work to create a more organized learning path for our students. We want to develop a more powerful curriculum for current and future teachers and students to work with. Levels and classes are organized according to the current Common European Framework, and each teacher is free to configure courses according to the needs of each group.

This year there are the following types of student groups:

Summer learners (January and February)
Grade learners (March to December)
Year-round learners

Our new teacher

We are interested in continuing to develop diverse cultural, language and idea teams.

Our new team members can demonstrate competence in the following areas:

Knowledge and experience of teaching materials development
Interested in developing a curriculum
Love of teaching and community work
Excellent communication skills
Excellent collaboration ability


ESL certified or English language teaching experience
Spanish ability
Begin training on February 26, 2018 *
May be taught on March 5, 2018 * Required


It contributes to maintaining a comprehensive safety, professional and friendly environment for everyone.

Up to 30 hours of classroom instruction in the classroom (Monday to Friday, up to 6 hours in the classroom).

Small groups teach all ages and levels.

Plan, organize and provide a lesson plan that uses teaching techniques and strategies that are tailored to the needs and interests of students.

Provide a learning environment that encourages an active role in learning and integrates challenging and rich spaces for growth.

Develop fun, creative and fun learning materials and activities that increase your chances of speaking English and gain confidence in your language skills.

Cooperate to organize short and long term learning for all students.

Provides information about the enrolled guardians, supports special events organized by the school, and supports routine management tasks.

We offer

One year contract.

A CLP of about $ 350,000 (about $ 600 USD) pays rent. The full salary is a CLP of approximately $ 400,000 with a health plan and a retirement plan (obligation) once the visa is issued.

An opportunity to be a part of a team and strive to provide local students with a good learning experience in a foreign language.

Opportunity to be locked in the Pichiremu community.

Best view in Pichilemu city. A few minutes from the beach.

Housing and accommodation assistance.

Waku-visa Information

Our school can apply for a temporary employment visa (one year period) for the candidate who has chosen employment guidance. To check the Temporary Employment Visa Fee click on the link (link: ver tablas de aranceles). Costs vary by country. Processing time is different, but it is 2-3 months. The tourist visa is 90 days. You may obtain a temporary permit while waiting for your visa to be issued by paying an additional 50% of your visa fee for a work visa application (recommended).

living expenses

These are approximate costs of living in Chile.

Housing: $ 150,000 CLP - One Bedroom Cabin $ 200,000 per month CLP. In most cases, some or all utilities are included.

The cost of food is very similar to that of North America. It varies from person to person, but the monthly budget is about 150,000 CLP to 180,000 CLP

Transportation is very cheap. One way local colectivo taxi (short and fixed route) $ 500 CLP date rate. One taxi is $ 3,000 CLP. The trip to Santiago (Capital) is about $ 6000 one way (about 3.5 hours).

Prices for entertainment and restaurants are different, but beers range from about 2,500 CLP to 3,000 CLP. Meals usually range from 5,000 to 7,000 CLP.

How to apply

We determine the priority of an application that includes the following:

1. A one-page or two-page introduction. Tell us why you want to teach, and what motivates you to participate in our society.

2. A 1 or 2 page resume. Include this job related experience.

3. Criminal record test (not more than 6 months old).

Please send your application to Maria Paz-Miranda at until February 9, 2017. Skype interviews are scheduled for February 15, 2018.

We receive inquiries about substantial amounts of e-mais and employment. We are very grateful for your time and school interest, but we may not be able to respond to all applications.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The PILS Team

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