Female NES/NNES European English Language Teacher is Needed in Thailand

Female NES/NNES European English Language Teacher is Needed in Thailand

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Country of Job Position: Thailand

Location: Buriram
Levels: Kindergarten and elementary education
Title: Communication Skills English Development
Start date: February 1

We are looking for a dynamic, creative, responsible, and culturally sensitive teacher. Whether you are looking for a unique lifestyle experience or an experienced professional, or an inexperienced college graduate, we stand in your shoes.

Scholarships and scholarship packages:
- Benefits based on qualifications and experience
- 3,000 baht per month accommodation allowance
- free work permit
- Refund of 2,000 THB Non-B Working Visa
- Handle all paperwork prepared for you
- Thai and native English consultants support teachers throughout the semester (face-to-face, telephone, online)
- Injury Insurance
- Commitment commitment by semester
- Preparation and provision of the entire curriculum
- Three-day orientation course in Bangkok (Thai, culture, school system, visa, etc.)
- Opening a bank account in Thailand
- Help me to get a SIM card in Thailand
- Option to update in May 2018

MediaKids Academy is one of the most recognizable TEFL workers in Thailand and represents 70 Northern Thailand public schools in the north, central and northern Thailand. We aim to improve Thai children's English skills. Communication Development We have programs that teach intensive English programs, math, science, computing, etc. in English. We offer long term contracts of four months and provide competitive salaries, accommodation and payment of all necessary documentation and work permits. We provide local consultants there to support and assist teachers in the interim. We are looking for dynamic, creative, responsible, and culturally sensitive teachers. We have bachelor's degrees in all fields.

standard :
1. European native or non-native speakers
2. Women only
3. 21-45 years old (school hobby)
4. Four-year degree (more than bachelor's degree in each field)
5. A TEFL certificate and / or teaching experience is desirable, but not required.

Basic job description
• Basic English listening, speaking skills, reading and writing, grammar teaching
• Monday Friday
• 20-24 Teaching Time / Week
Lesson planning and basic record keeping

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

How does it feel to teach English using MediaKids in Thailand? clock!

Email: MediaKids Academy Thailand < hr@mediakidsacademy.com >

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