Native English Speaking ESL Curriculum Developer Wanted in Singapore

Native English Speaking ESL Curriculum Developer Wanted in Singapore

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Country of Job Position: Singapore

ESL Curriculum Developers - There is an entry in Singapore. Upon reporting to the local curriculum manager, the successful candidate joins the Singapore University team and is based in Singapore I Can Read Company headquarters.

Occupation: ESL curriculum developer
Company: Total English Learning Global Pte Ltd (I can read)
Department: College Department
Reported to: Local Curriculum Manager

Requirements for the ESL Curriculum Developer role:

• Five years experience in the education industry, two to three years experience in the role of developing preferred curriculum
• At least baccalaureate tertiary qualifications. Education or training course
• Demonstration of previous ESL course development experience
• Excellent English command
• Practical knowledge of Microsoft Office products
• Outstanding organizational and project management skills
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Excellent troubleshooting capabilities
• Ability to work independently, think critically and strategically
• Represents leadership and deep responsibility
• actively play a leading role in solving participatory tasks or emphasizing tasks
• Operate with high level of integrity and expertise
• Willingness and ability to travel internationally

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop and plan ESL instructional curriculum, instructional plans, and age appropriate textbooks that you can read
• Review, update, and make recommendations and corrections to the curriculum.
• Monitor, track, and evaluate the implementation of curriculum
• Teacher support in the implementation of curriculum

Secondary responsibility

• If an error is highlighted, update the current curriculum
• I can listen to teachers and center staff
• Planning and delivering new curriculum-related courses
• Get information and feedback on the development and improvement of the curriculum
• conduct research on current trends in curriculum development

Stakeholders should send a copy of the CV to the cover letter to emphasize suitability for the role at emma.metcalf @

Please apply by 6pm on February 16, 2018.

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