Seeking a full time English teacher in Germany to teach small groups of business professionals

Seeking a full time English teacher in Germany to teach small groups of business professionals

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Country of Job Position: Germany

summary :
A thriving language school in central Germany is recruiting full-time English teachers.

More information :
Finer English is a prosperous school founded in 1998 by Joe Finer. The success of the school requires English as well as the ability of the student in English. All students will follow their learning needs.

The school's faculty, which focuses mainly on Kassel companies in Germany, now has 26 students, including six language teachers in addition to English.

More elaborate English is a virtual school. There is no staff room for teachers to exchange ideas during lunch breaks, not school buildings. Classes are taught at the customer's site. All of them are accessible by public transport in the center of Kassel.

Teachers do not meet every day, so regular communication is essential via phone or email. Teacher training sessions help you develop map skills, exchange ideas, and reinforce your team spirit every few months.

Unless a map specifically for each student's specific business needs is required, it means not using established textbooks. Textbooks for individual student needs are provided by Finer English.

For more information about Finer English, please visit

Qualification :
The application will only be considered for native speakers.
Applicants must have at least two years of appropriate teaching experience.

Formal EFL qualification is preferred but not required.
Personality is important. We are looking for a teacher who is open to both the passion and vigor of teaching and English.

Applicants should also be familiar with world events or business terms.

Finally, candidates must be excited about learning new things and constantly improving themselves as teachers.

reward :
Advertised vacancies are freelance positions. The starting percentage is the teacher's experience.

We are pleased to offer more sophisticated English teacher support and are hiring staff for that purpose. Successful applicants are willing to support the deficit process and find suitable housing.

If you are interested in the position, please send your resume to with the current photo

Because there are many applications, we will not reply to applicants who do not meet the job requirements listed in this ad.

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