English teachers are needed to teach Online

English teachers are needed to teach Online

Date of Job Posted: Friday, February 9, 2018

Country of Job Position: Online

Who are we?
SayABC is one of the leaders in China's online education market. Our goal is to give confidence to all children in China with the power of education. To realize it, we have created our own online platform to teach English to children. The platform is designed to teach up to four students per class and is full of fun educational activities. Teachers are employed not by their origin, but by their fluency and teaching abilities.

What's up?
We connect teachers from all over the world with children from 5 to 12 years of age in China. Our platform is specially designed to encourage an active learning environment. This course was developed in collaboration with Cengage and National Geographic. The system has been tried and tested many times, and its quality has been proven because it is already in use by millions of children around the world. Because Nat Geo explores the whole world, you can see it in the classroom and in the real world. Nat Geo By appreciating this technology, students gain conversational skills with language skills. In terms of soft skills, you will also learn to keep classes clean and honor the difference between diversity and treasures.
-1: Multiple (maximum 4 students) Online pool immersion English and content classes
- Our courses are in accordance with the Common European Reference for Language (CEFR).
-40 minutes, attractive classes

Why should we do it?
English is regarded as the world economy Ringer Franca. By helping many children, we want to contribute to the success of future generations in the global arena. The biggest problem Chinese students have is access to the high quality teachers they can get. Because English plays the most important role in ensuring confidence in the everyday and professional environment, no matter where the child is in the world, we have many children who are looking for opportunities to learn by providing quality English education at a reasonable price We believe that it will bring benefits to our customers. By enabling direct access to information and exchange with other domains, you can learn about other cultures with a global vision to establish a common position with anyone in the world. We want to create a safe and confident learning environment for our students.
We will, of course, make sure that our teachers benefit our students. First, as long as the teacher continues to use it, the teacher can consistently achieve stable earnings. We are always doing our best to provide the teachers' satisfaction rate. A variety of incentive systems to encourage teachers are always willing to support their best performance. Second, the teacher feels a great sense of accomplishment to teach these children because they think the students are the bridge to discover the world of possibilities. Developing students' cooperative and creative problem-solving abilities also helps to improve social skills such as communication and presentations.

What do you need?
- TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or other related certificate certificate
- Bachelor degree or above (or final grade)
- Relevant teaching experience preferred
-Tech Requirement: Desktop or laptop with high-speed Internet and audio / video capabilities
Native English

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