Looking for Paid Volunteers for English Teaching in India

Looking for Paid Volunteers for English Teaching in India

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018

Country of Job Position: India

Scholarships to teach Indian postal delivery

Indian paid volunteer English classes are a lifelong opportunity to learn a new life experience and learn a unique Indian culture. The passion that you bring with you as a volunteer teacher in India makes a difference in the people and the community in which they live. In the meantime, you discover wisdom and beauty in various ways in life.

This position provides a world of opportunity to gain educational experience with Indian teachers in a professional setting in kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school or high school. Volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in academic seminars, cultural and recreational activities, sports and cultural activities at host schools.

Host schools are located in Kerala / TAMILNADU / Haryana / Delhi / ASSAM / PUNJAB / CHATTISGARH.

Any profits. -

# * Free time, delivery, meals, internet and transportation services are provided during delivery hours.

# * Monthly subsidy of Rs.7500-Rs. 20000 / (regular salary of Indian teachers) for qualified applicants

# Supported 24 hours a day 365 days by professional and experienced team with professional advice.

# * Practice time is 2 ~ 12 months
# * Volunteers can work in public schools, international schools, and private schools.

# * Learn local languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam

# * Horse riding, swimming, cricket free training (selected host schools only)

# * Applicants will be awarded the International Teacher Training Certificate at the end of class practice.

# * It is the only real paid volunteer course in India with volunteers from EU countries such as USA, Australia, UK.

Applications will be accepted by May 30, 2018
To apply for paid volunteer English education: - Email CV in English with photos <saginintl@gmail.com> <info@sagreenintl.com>

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