Accepting Volunteer English Language Teachers for small school located in Cofradía, Cortes, Honduras

Accepting Volunteer English Language Teachers for small school located in Cofradía, Cortes, Honduras

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 17, 2018

Country of Job Position: Honduras

Our excellent school, located near beautiful Caribbean beaches and Bay Island, urgently needs volunteers for the 2018-19 school year. We can not offer you any money, but the rewards taught here are derived from the teacher's opportunity to serve the wonderful community of children in our wonderful children's life with a change of life and a beautiful region of the world.
Read a brief description of our school and visit our website to see current and past volunteer achievements about how teachers feel about the impact on the community we serve. If you are interested in applying, please visit or email volunteer @ if you want to ask.

Copladia Bilingual School This is a small school in Honduras Cortes. We offer high quality bilingual education for over 300 students from kindergarten through grade 11. Our international volunteer team works with local Honduras teachers to ensure our students are fluent in English and bilingual, based on immersion in English teachers worldwide. After graduating from English classes, there are many other opportunities for students. Many students have very low socioeconomic backgrounds and bilingual education provides the ability to end the cycle of poverty for their families. Our graduates are enthusiastic people who have been motivated to prepare themselves, their communities, and the nation to build a brighter future.
All volunteer classes are conducted in English, so you do not need any Spanish skills. Likewise, the previous teaching experience does not even have to work at CBS. The educational experience is certainly useful, but it praises the more ambitious and hardworking people. We are currently recruiting English teachers for kindergartens (4-5 years old) through 11th graders (16-17 years old). CBS will be graded between mid-August 2017 and mid-June 2018. English teachers teach math (first grade only), science, and physical education. Our teacher works from 7 am to 2:10 pm, Monday through Friday.
The guidance at our school is completely voluntary, but we have two meals per week, meals for the evening and the weekend, and food for the airport pick-up.

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