Full-time English teaching positions as Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to work in Japan

Full-time English teaching positions as Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to work in Japan

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Country of Job Position: Japan

Teach children in Japan! This opening is aimed at full-time foreign teachers (ALT) working in Higashimachi, Nakacho and Toyonaka-cho, Aichi from April 2018

I have to come to Japan soon! Housing support is available.

Condition :
● Salary is 240,000 ~ 270,000 yen (one thousand).
● Monday to Friday. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (depending on the school).
● Transportation costs are charged monthly.
● Closed days include weekends, public holidays, and other holidays set on the school board school calendar.

The Global Learning Advancement Department (GLAD) requires enthusiastic educators to be placed as assistant teachers (ALT) in elementary, middle, middle, and high schools throughout the country. As a nonprofit organization, we are asking for a quality teacher: a social world thinker who is a team player contributor who would like to have a positive impact on children's lives.

ALT is assigned to one of these areas to assist the team's teachers and to plan English classes according to the schedule generated by GLAD and the Board of Education. In addition to teaching English classes, you may be asked to participate in other school activities, such as clubs, school cleaning, and cultural events.

Contract date:
From April 2018

Position requirements:
● Be an English native speaker or have been teaching English for at least 12 years.
● You need to obtain a degree from an English university.
● You must be living in Japan now. I will come to Japan at my own expense.
● You can have a strong interest in Japanese culture and language and lead you to Japanese people.
● Conversational skills are needed (for elementary school students)
● Elementary and junior high schools in Japan have at least one year of English education experience or understand the level of the leader.
● You must have a valid visa to live and work in Japan (you can sponsor a visa)
● You need a Japanese or international driver's license to go to school.

We offer a very strong support system and housing support by the company for successful applicants!

Advantages :
+ Auxiliary housing
+ Transportation to school
+ Residential support
+ Car rental available

About Shitara Town:

It is located in Kitashio area of ​​Aichi Prefecture. As of 2010, the city's population is 5,747. Quiet rural areas are located in the northeastern part of Aichi Prefecture, mostly covered with mountains and forests. Inside the Tianlongong is a part of town on the grounds of the Look River National Park. In Shitara, you can enjoy outdoor sports such as fishing and riding in spring, and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the mountains too close in winter.

We look forward to your application and wish you in your future endeavor!

Please send your resume, resume, and papers to manager @ npo-glad.org & chris.b @ npo-glad.org

- Please note that only applicants who passed the first screening process will be contacted.

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