Winkey Online English Academy expands its English teaching faculty by hiring and training new talents

Winkey Online English Academy expands its English teaching faculty by hiring and training new talents

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Country of Job Position: Online

Winkey Online English Academy

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Company Background Information:

Winkey is a global community of English educators and learners. Founded in May 2014 by Masahiko Saito and Julius Sangara, Winky soon became one of China's most famous online English academies. Winkey is expanding its teaching staff by hiring new talent with the vision of providing excellent teaching services and a mission to provide educational opportunities for language learners around the world.

Why do you work for Winkey?

Winkey has a welcoming working environment.
At Wing Kay, talent, creativity, diversity, and co-operative spirit are encouraged and opened.
The Winkey online training program provides ample opportunities for professional growth and development.
Winkey provides compensation for the competition.
Winkey offers flexible working hours. • Winkey teachers can work anywhere.

Responsibilities of work:

It is on vacation and ready for scheduled classes.
Professional dressing;

III. I used the Web Account tool to schedule lessons.

Check the student's daily report (SDR) before each class begins.
Upload the recorded video of the class to the provided cloud storage system.
After completing each class, submit the Student Daily Report (SDR).

Class time :

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) Beijing Time: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Weekdays (Saturday to Sunday) Hamamatsu Time: 10 am to 11 pm

12 hours a week minimum 48 hours

Who is the student? The Winkey client is mainly from China. Students have young people from 4 to 5 years old. Most students are teenagers. Winkey also has adult students.

Who is the ideal candidate?

A committed enthusiastic individual who can build strong and active teaching / teaching relationships with students.
Individuals who are knowledgeable, organized, and committed to self-ambition.
Individuals who have a flexible work schedule with training and motivation to work remotely (online).
Interested in teaching English to ESL students / trained individuals

Eligibility: University degree · TESL (or equivalent) online tutorial / teaching experience (hope)

Textbooks: The following accessories will be shipped to Amazon's Winkey and to your home address: Dry Clear Whiteboard, Dry Erase Marker, Flash Card. Book: Winkey has a wide range of books of all ages and abilities. Students choose their materials when scheduling a session. You have free access to the material. Some of these books have a teacher guide on questions or suggestions on how to better submit / provide lessons.

Employment process

As a designated "representative" of Winkey, the BrigtMinds online school conducts a 15-20 minute video Skype session with a screening interview. This is a meeting and greeting session. At this stage, the candidate must provide a current resume to and Skype ID.
Resume and interview notes will be sent to China Winkey Human Resources Department for approval and training. For 13 hours of time in Beijing and Ontario, BrightMinds interviews to provide more flexibility. The Chinese office uses a resume and interview notes to create a profile for each candidate.

III. All candidates must complete an online training session. The training costs $ 15 / hour. The candidate receives an online "performance test" at the end of the training to assess the knowledge of the content. Individuals must score at least 75% to move two games to the next.

Individuals who have successfully completed the training will have a "trial" class schedule. This class is recorded in compliance with policies and expectations that apply during performance review and training periods. A good person will take the position of the contract.

Due to the nature of the training module work, Winkey focuses on technology and connects students and educators. Teachers need three pieces of software for training: All software is free to the teacher.

Web Account Tool: The Web Account Tool can draw weekly schedules, view class schedules, or collect information from classes that you have previously scheduled. Here you can see the student's name, class time, textbook, and student daily report (SDR).
QQ Biz: QQ is an online communication platform. QQ includes the Winkey corporate directory and can send instant messages directly to company employees or students. In some cases, you can use QQ to teach online.
ClassIn: ClassIn is a major virtual classroom for Winkey students. ClassIn can be a fun and engaging lesson in lessons in easy-to-use software with a variety of tools and features.

Performance reviews / teacher ratings

Your performance is reviewed once a month to ensure quality of service. You will be notified of the evaluation date. I receive constructive opinions in a timely manner. Here are some performance reviews. • Content and delivery professors (note that all classes are recorded). • Using software (QQ Biz.ClassIn, Web Account Tool). • Acquisition of Winkey policies and procedures. • Attendee • Student / Parent Assessment

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