Recruiting native speaker English teachers work with us to deliver a fun and educational camp in Singapore

Recruiting native speaker English teachers work with us to deliver a fun and educational camp in Singapore

Date of Job Posted: Monday, March 26, 2018

Country of Job Position: Singapore

Bluesky Education

It is now in Singapore.

We have global training camps with offices in Singapore, UK and Australia.

Singapore hosts English camps throughout the year. We currently hire staff to run camps from June to August 2018. We recruit native language teachers and organize fun and educational camps with students. Our students are from 8 to 18 years old from China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Laos.

English teacher
We would like to offer a chartered public course for teachers from 8 to 18 years of age. We look forward to providing you with a lesson plan and skills and tactics to get them as motivated as possible, to motivate your students. Our curriculum focuses on gaining the confidence of a general lecture, and the main focus of its function is to prepare for an open lecture on the second to the last day of camp.

Classes are held in the morning and generally begin at 3:30 am from 08:30. 5/6 hours a week as part of the standard program.
Candidates who can enroll during the Camplaufs Candidates: Hope at least 9/10 class 2 weeks 3 hours.

Key Responsibilities
Begin in class and complete all assignments in the Bluesky curriculum.
Please take the time to prepare the lesson and make sure that the purpose and content of the lesson is well understood.
I am confident about the opinions of ordinary citizens.
Give students maximum time in class.
Manage student behavior and resolve classroom issues quickly.
Let's create an environment in which students express their confidence without fear or judgment.
Apply the rules of English in class rules.
We complete the curriculum in unique team games and activities designed to develop team spirit.
Introduces Singapore's culture and history.

Native English speakers with two years of teaching experience recognized for their English language skills.

SGD 30 / hour

If you are interested, please send CV to

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