Start teaching paid English classes in Spain, which will last the whole school year

Start teaching paid English classes in Spain, which will last the whole school year

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Country of Job Position: Spain

The Canterbury TEFL course is the easiest, most economical and fun way to live and work in Madrid. Competitive prices, social activities, guaranteed jobs are here!

And ...

Why Madrid?

Madrid is a lively capital of Spain with affordable living and modern public transport (very important to the class).
With Europe's largest nightlife, the diversity of people and cultures is very diverse.
The beauty of history and traditional architecture is perfect, rich and dynamic work environment.

The answer to the question is again ... Canterbury English! Canterbury provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students around the world to teach English and experience thrillers abroad. We are struggling not only to live, but to accept people and make them challenging.

We also provide student visas to ensure the safety of non-EU members in Spain.

Can I teach English in Canterbury and Madrid?

If you have received an International TEFL Certificate from Canterbury, the class will begin in a paid class. This will continue through your grades! Of course, these courses start in three or four weeks. Therefore, do not waste your savings once the TEFL process is complete. That means you do not have a job, because you already have it! Courses are available. We are an English academy and we can do this because we hire TEFL students. Sign the contract on the first day of the course (if desired). Once approved, you will have the opportunity to begin the renowned Canterbury English International TEFL certification course at the end of the course. No one can beat this offer!

* Canterbury is one of the TEFL programs of the Spanish Ivy League which was founded in 1998 and is the longest and richest program in the country.

How about summer? Canterbury offers the best opportunity for summer work, including the opportunity to teach summer camps throughout Spain in July and August. You can gain valuable experience at this summer camp.

Our Philosophy

Teacher education philosophy includes both the LEARN BY DOING approach and the A PAID TO DO policy. Each TEFL student must teach a non-native instructor and a total of 20 times to obtain a TEFL certificate, to meet the requirements of the 120-hour course. This is the best course of study in the TEFL program. Registration of this class is also recognized. It will be hard to find a better situation with apprentices!

Money is late! Sunny Spain, Mass Madrid Canterbury English Tefra Program and a charming life with guaranteed classes for all students.

Our contact information
C / Claudio Coello 50.1 Int. El.
28001 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 637 747 234


Canterbury English TEFL

For more information, please visit for the exact start date and more information.

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