Accepting applications for professional experienced English teachers in Yokohama, Japan

Accepting applications for professional experienced English teachers in Yokohama, Japan

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018

Country of Job Position: Japan

International School of English employs a reputable school, which has been in the community for 20 years, for semesters beginning in late April to late May. There are two beautiful campuses in Aoba and Tama Plaza (both campuses are only a few minutes on the Denentoshi Line from Tokyo and Central Yokohama). I am currently applying for an English teacher who is experienced and professional. Candidates must be native speakers and have a bachelor's degree or equivalent degree from an accredited university and have at least two years of teaching experience.

We are looking for teachers with the skills and skills to teach adults and teens. CELTA / TESOL / DELTA Certificate Holders We welcome teachers who hold traditional teaching qualifications / licenses. We also have a strong technical education background in subject-based learning and are looking for teachers who are comfortable teaching academic classes in history, science, society, English literature, mathematics, and so on. Candidates must own the following:

Required Soft Skills - Personal qualities should include active attitude, professional attitude, appearance, flexibility, and the ability to work as a member of a closely-organized team. Candidates must have strong professional ethics and be proud of their profession and homeland as teachers. Candidates must be outgoing, communicative, and active. This position requires great responsibility as well as high work ethics.

The ability to teach student-centered classes focused on games or activities that teach repertoire and skill sets for students and reproduce independent stories, phonics, role-playing, and even TL (target language teaching). Our teaching methodology is based on student-centered education methodology.
We are looking for a teacher who is keen to teach children, but we are enrolling in our school a full-fledged mental focus process to provide sophisticated experience and experience in providing academic-based learning for returnees and children. We support many students who live abroad and need traditional subject-based learning.

School Profile

ISE is highly regarded for its high level of education, counseling, support services, warm and friendly atmosphere and elegant interior.

We are confident that we are a "school with differences" that provide students with both a strong curriculum and an educational research environment.

The student body of our school has clear professional and academic goals, consisting of middle-aged family and business professionals.

We offer both private and group lessons. Each class lasts for 50 minutes, with 3 children per group and 3 adults, many of whom have private lessons and half-private lessons.

Approximately one-third of ISE students attend subject-based courses (history, social studies, literature, etc.) that returned from long-term stay.

The school offers a curriculum that follows as well as a variety of support materials for teachers to enhance their classes. Our school has very good resources and offers good courses for both children and adults. We also have access to a laptop with a teacher I Pad while the teacher built the skills into the classroom.

Responsibilities are as follows.

Teachers should be able to give clear, focused and challenging lessons to a variety of students. Build relationships with your students and create dynamic lessons that encourage students to achieve and achieve their goals. For students who challenge SAT, ACT, IELTS, EIKEN, and TOEIC, we are looking for teachers with strong writing skills to support students in essay and writing projects at many maritime universities and schools.

- Show students progress on student performance.

- Communication with other staff, school administrators, head or lead teachers about the student's progress and ability.

- Curriculum development and learning plan support

- Evaluation of textbooks and evaluation of students

- to report student progress and provide information about future learning plans

- Attend monthly employee meetings

- Participated in in-house education and teaching workshops

Profit and Reward

It ranges from 250,000 to 280,000 yen per month according to the initial salary, experience, qualification, and reference documents. Applicants representing outstanding achievements may provide performance bonuses and incentive bonuses and bonus vacations. We also offer 30 days wage break, including public holidays. We can provide support for a full visa and provide assistance to secure housing through an extensive network of agents. Please note that the cost of housing is the teacher's sole responsibility. We also offer some excellent options for extending your overtime coverage to excellent national health insurance in Japan. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming a teacher by raising the ladder, and we are promoting our staff according to their job ethics, ability and will. The teaching contract can be renewed annually for one year.

Please note:

You must include your application letter in this job. The application must include the following:

1) A good time to contact you for your current phone number and interview. We check all interview times and dates by email.

2) Two terms that can be contacted by phone or email.

3) Before submitting your application, upload your latest professional photo and attach it to your resume.

Please e-mail Lee ( with the above information.

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• If you are a foreign candidate, only apply if you are seriously committed to coming to Japan. All of the above conditions will be answered only by candidates who submit. We provide support for work visas in Japan and for housing prior to arrival in Japan. Details of the interview process are provided.

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