Seeking high-­quality English language teachers to teach task-based, online private and group classes

Seeking high-­quality English language teachers to teach task-based, online private and group classes

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018

Country of Job Position: Online

We are currently looking for high-quality English teachers who only use genuine textbooks to teach job-based online personal and group lessons.

The purpose of the Voxy online teacher-led class is to complement the language instruction and instruction available in the learner self-study product. We offer personal and group English classes using Voxy learners video chat. They can benefit from a custom map that fits the needs of reality.

The Voxy world is changing the way you learn English and you need a talented, dedicated and enthusiastic teacher to achieve it!

Ideal candidates:

- You can teach at least 15 hours / week (peak of Asia and Central Europe) during this time:
* Weekdays 9:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM Weekdays / weekends
* Weekdays from 3:00 AM to 12:00 PM Weekdays / weekends

- You have a task-based language mapping experience.
- You must have at least three years of English teaching experience, including both personal and group sessions.
- You have an online English teaching experience.
- Academic, Linguistics or TESOL degrees from top universities.
- You are studying to be a certified English teacher or studying.
- You have a computer equipped with a camera that is very tech-savvy and capable of hard Ethernet access. Headset with microphone Provides a powerful and reliable Internet connection.
- You are a problem solver and can easily solve technical problems.
- You have many foreign language skills.
- You are eager to learn the language and help others achieve language goals.

To apply, please access the online application page (

A copy of your resume
2. An introduction to each of the following questions:
Why do you like to teach ESL?
Do you think it is appropriate for the Voxy task-based contextual learning methodology?
- How do you feel about job-based professors?
- You want to know more about us?

Voxy's proprietary personalization technology and exclusive partnership with leading content publishers enable you to deliver unique solutions to more than 2.5 million English learners worldwide. Our mobile applications and web applications allow individuals to learn in the surrounding world and turn their daily experiences and content into entertaining, game-like activities. Our custom live one-to-one group mapping platform is a key part of our methodology, bringing the necessary human elements to the front and center.

The $ 80B market turmoil for English education is recognized by major investors in educational institutions, including the New York Times, CNN Money, Fast Company, Massive Univision, Beza (Brazil) and Venture Bits. In August 2013, Voxy announced a strategic alliance with Pearson, the world's leading education company. This new partnership combines Pearson's global scale with Voxy's state-of-the-art technology to improve and improve the lives of more than 2 billion people worldwide.

To apply, please access the online application page (

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