10 immediate positions available for native English speaking teachers in Vietnam

10 immediate positions available for native English speaking teachers in Vietnam

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2018

Country of Job Position: Viet Nam

Vietnam is looking for qualified candidates to teach in various Vietnamese countries. We currently have 10 direct jobs for native English teachers
Vietnam is a rapidly developing country, but it does not lose its unique cultural identity. Teachers are highly regarded in Vietnam. The salary of foreign teachers is high and living expenses are very low. However, we are recruiting qualified professionals who provide a variety of ESL teaching methods.

location :
From beautiful mountain ranges to picturesque beaches. Our local and Western staff mix is ​​proud to find a good match for teachers to ensure a smooth transition. Vietnam is very easy to understand why many people keep their original contracts because their living expenses, local markets, cafes and leisure activities are so small.
We specialize in providing high quality English to students from 3 years old to adults. Our goal is to create a rich, fun and dynamic learning environment with the latest teaching methods that focus on meaningful communication.

position :
We have a passion for education and development and are recruiting excellent scholars. We look forward to the appreciation of our industry enthusiasm and experience to bring our employees to the Growth Value Added Team.

Common tasks:
• Prepare and provide fully organized lessons
• 25 lessons per week
• Class Leadership
• Basic management: participation assessment test, student progress feedback, etc.

Professional advantages:
• Salaries range from 32 million to 45 million (total time, place and experience)
• Accommodation or accommodation
• Vacation + Vacation
• 1-2 days a week (negotiable)
• Work Permit
• Motorcycle provision
• Career opportunities (not just professors)
• Ongoing teacher support

Professional Qualifications:
• EE's basic citizenship. UU. United Kingdom, Canada, first.
• Age: 22-50 years old.
• Degree or more in each field
• ESL certificate (TEFL / TESOL, CELTA) or educational certificate.
• You can check the background and provide a health checkup.

Curriculum Vital, letters, hair photos, please send your questions below:

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