Seeking to fill English teaching positions for corporate EFL teachers in Russia

Seeking to fill English teaching positions for corporate EFL teachers in Russia

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Country of Job Position: Russian Federation

More about position
The selected candidates qualify (CELTA takes precedence). Entrepreneur / Trinity TESOL interested in teaching business and general English in a customer's office between May 2018 or August / September) has at least two years of enthusiastic experience.
The homework includes an average of 30 hours per week of attendance at the class academy, including the student's presence and record of work, teacher training and performance program participation and placement testing.

- CELTA or Trinity TESOL First, TEFL included
- University degree
- Education experience after qualification
- Full access to planning and management tasks

Wages and Benefits
Typical maintenance packages include:
- 80,000 net rubles per month.
- Hosting support.
- Visa support under contract.
- Health Insurance.
- unlimited travel cards for public transportation
- Airport meeting on arrival.
- Induction time payment.
- Paid vacation.
- Complete academic support, including home and online weekly training, regular observations and feedback, counseling and seminars based on a continuous improvement system for the Cambridge Teacher Framework.
- A rich teacher's library - online and in school
- a teacher's room with facilities in the school with access to class preparation and resources
- Free lesson lesson
Free internet access in the school Free coffee and tea.
- Week or overtime (optional). For example, you could pay $ 500 a month for an extra $ 8 a week.

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