English Teachers Needed for Public Schools in Madrid and Murcia in Spain

English Teachers Needed for Public Schools in Madrid and Murcia in Spain

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Country of Job Position: Spain

Do you teach English in Spain in the next school year? Let's become an ambassador of language and culture in Madrid and Murcia. ConversaSpain works with public schools in other parts of Spain to help improve the language skills of students and staff.

The relationship between the school and the internship is fully managed by local governments. The program provides participants with advice on migrating to Spain, primary education and everyday practical activities. The conditions and requirements will vary depending on the participant's chosen area.

Madrid Area

16 lessons per week
4 hours continuous
Scholarships of € 1,000 per month
Mainly rural and village cations
Prerequisites: College degree
Deadline: April 20
Program duration: October 1 to June 28


15 lessons per week
4 hours continuous
€ 850 per month scholarship
Cities of Murcia and Carta
Prerequisites: Abitur
Deadline: May 1
Program duration: October 1 to June 28

Participation Requirements

There is no age restriction, Spanish is not required. However, there are a few conditions that a candidate must meet in order to participate in the program.

English will be the first language
Become a citizen of a country where English is the official language.
Some subjects (for Madrid schools) or high school diplomas (for Murcia schools)

What is included?

Proposed workplace offer (rural or urban in Madrid or Murcia)
Assistance before departure: help with visa and bank account opening before arrival
Welcome articles: tips, advice, practical tools to help you find a permanent home
Helps police records
Health insurance (EU citizens live in Europe)
Orientation by participants in the area: first training and meeting with other participants
Multimedia platform access with learning resource information (Madrid only)
Spain ConversaSpain Emergency Assistance
Certificate at the end of the program (issued by the local educational institution)
Paid vacation (Christmas, Easter, local festival) (except summer)
Activities are conducted under supervision and guidance of school teachers.
Four available programs

I was so happy that I had to go in a week of immersion, so it was very useful, giving me a good introduction to some of the places I will recommend ConversaSpain experience, It's important, especially, that I was able to meet other people in our program that became friends at the time.

Available rates and options (depending on region):

Simple: 850 € from Murcia / 1,250 € from Madrid
Basic certification + TEFL: EUR 1,350 in Murcia / EUR 1,750 in Madrid
Basic immersion week + Spanish and culture: Murcia 1,350 € / Madrid 1,750 €
Basic Week + Spanish + Timer Program + TEFL Certification: 1,850 Euro in Murcia / 2,200 Euro in Madrid

The Role of Spanish Language and Culture Ambassadors

Participants will provide English conversation classes to students and staff, promote English oral practice, explain the culture of the country, help other subjects (science, arts, sports, history and music), plan grammar, Introduce students to the oral exam and work with the teacher to do so. Specific activities or assignments vary from school to school.

Public school language students can help teach elementary and junior high school students in English. This is a support function, so it is not responsible for the entire class, nor is it responsible for qualifying and training.

Homework: Selected candidates receive the content of each school site two months before the school opens. We had plenty of time in the area to receive our advice and support. Age settings are taken into account where possible (this does not guarantee a specific geographic setting).

Email: Maria Cabrera < candidates@conversaspain.com >

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