Recruiting well-qualified and committed English teachers of EFL/ESL for English Language Program in Saudi Arabia

Recruiting well-qualified and committed English teachers of EFL/ESL for English Language Program in Saudi Arabia

Date of Job Posted: Friday, April 6, 2018

Country of Job Position: Saudi Arabia

We are recruiting qualified EFL / ESL / EAP teachers for the campus ELP (English Language Program) for both men and women. The start date is August 2018.

The program is prepared for English language study for B.S. In the first year of a degree in drive science, technology and industry, you receive intensive awareness to develop English skills for self-study. Short-term programs support the development of students.

The applicant
1. English Native Language
2. Passport of birth of USA, UK, Canada, Ireland or South Africa.

Applicant must (at least) meet the following conditions:
M.A. In TEFL / TESOL / Applied Linguistics or related fields
M.A. Internship Any course with a TESOL graduate certificate of at least 120 hours.
Internship A minimum of 120 hours of TESOL graduate certificate and a degree in each subject.
Degrees must be obtained from accredited English speaking universities.

Please fill in the form above on your application.
Potentially successful applicants will be contacted by email.

Office workers
They are competitive and depend on qualifications and experience. Confirmed at contract renewal.
All rewards are exempt.
Final Service Tips
This is an annual service that is half the salary. Over five years of service is calculated based on salary for each year of service.

We offer individual rooms for free. Free services include air conditioning, gas, electricity, satellite TV and water. Each apartment is equipped with a private telephone and free internet.
Each vacation is paid. Teacher qualifications are determined by the school schedule, and in addition to the Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha vacations, there are two months of summer vacations.
There are free medical and dental services as civil servants.
Annual tickets will be provided back to the starting point.
We provide monthly teacher subsidy for college school year.
About UOHB
For more information, please visit our website

Contact Hafr Al Batin University, Kenneth @ uohb.edua. Please fill out ELU courses. Full CV Complete academic and professional profiles, ie scanned copies of H. Passport pages and related qualifications. What you learned about position involves more cover letters.

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