Recruitng Summer School EFL Teachers in Boca Raton, FL, USA

Recruitng Summer School EFL Teachers in Boca Raton, FL, USA

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, April 7, 2018

Country of Job Position: USA


International students are 12-18 years old. The role of the EFL Teacher Summer School is to deal directly with the education and welfare of Year 3 students. This includes other aspects of the summer school, assuming that you participate in all aspects of the short-term course, as directed by the Academic Manager and Center Manager.

The ideal teacher has a pleasant and vigorous sense of openness, but it has more responsibility and authority and more ability to provide dynamic and engaging lessons for young people.

Place: (Consultation after employment interview and employment)

LAL Boca Raton
Lin University
Boca Raton, Florida, 33308


LAL New York
Fordham University
New York NY, 10458

Line Manager:
Academic Director / Assistant Academic Director

Type of work time / work contract:
Your normal working time is 20 to 5 days a week. If you are asked to meet the school's needs, you may need to work overtime.

Responsibilities and Missions
● Participate in the introductory preparation session as needed until the beginning of the course three days in advance.
• Participate fully in all aspects of the induction period before the start of the course. This can be done by unpacking, inventorying, and setting up all summer school subjects.
● Perform all tasks related to organizing, managing, and closing the course according to the course management recommendations.
● You can live near the designated summer school and prepare your classes on time according to your arrival schedule.

● Support batch testing and class assignment for all students.
● Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of work, classrooms, lesson plans, and other administrative records at the request of the LAL summer school.
● Prepare and teach a variety of lectures in a multinational class three weeks a week (which includes three hours) at least five hours per week (12 to 18 years).
● Set tasks and marks necessary for line management.
• Be responsible for the success of all undergraduate grades, including identification and identification of the entrance examination.
● Establish strategies for successful learning in accordance with line management guidelines for a given work program.
• Write individual student reports for all the students you teach.
● Send regular classroom tests through line management and CEA.
● Complete the staff comment form at the end of summer school training.
● Participate in summer school.
• Actively link recreational and academic programs through meaningful activities in the classroom.

● Protect the property and facilities of designated summer schools and LALs, maintain safety, and avoid loss or damage to your home.
● Treat all LAL agent client employees in a comfortable and professional manner and do not engage in unreliable activities at LAL or designated summer schools.
● Position Adapt to the required function. Unofficial classroom activities / sports, clothes suitable for travel. Each jersey issued by the LAL must be returned at the end of the course.
• Perform other tasks that the center manager, academic manager, academic support, and leisure manager can appropriately assign.
● Before the beginning of the employment period (pre-employment documents), learn the employee handbook and see all the relevant requirements of the CEA & LAL summer school.
● Resolve all questions, complaints, and suggestions from the student, IGL University, in a positive and effective manner in accordance with LAL policies and procedures.

Who specs:
The characters in parentheses show how the LAL is determined to meet our criteria. (A) = Application (I) = Interview (R) = Reference and (T) = Test.

For example, work experience for young students depends on the information provided by the applicant in the application (A) and the interview question (I).

Education, training, knowledge
● a) full or equal training (A)
● b) Current Faculty Qualifications Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL Certificate or equivalent (A)

Related experience
● a) Responsible use experience of young student (A / I / R)

Qualifications and Skills
● a) Dynamic "I can do" approach (A / I)
B) Energy and enthusiasm (A / I)
● c) Excellent communication ability (A / I)
● d) Ability to work under pressure (A / I)

Other characteristics
● a) Knowledge of foreign culture (A / I)
● b) Satisfactory criminal investigation (A / R)

Education, training, knowledge
● a) Good working knowledge of at least one foreign language (A / I)

Related experience
● a) Previous experience of summer school (A / I / R)

Qualifications and Skills
● a) Computer use (A / I)
● b) Driver's license (A / I)

If the interview is successful, the applicant will present the applicant's position and answer in one of two ways: by email or in writing.

Class 1 consists of 2 x 90 minute classes.

The workplace performed by one of the AM or certified DELTA trainers is part of the preparation time at the start of the training. Also, at least one employee will be observed who is eligible to be invited to the last comment session of the class.

When a confirmation e-mail is received, a formal proposal will be sent to confirm the location, time, date and rewards. It must be signed and / or scanned and emailed.

Each job posting is subject to personal interviews on arrival, satisfactory background check, equal qualifications and positive qualifications (all references to minors are not responsible for why they are under age 18)

Employee handbooks for electronic editions including general conditions of employment are provided in advance and acceptance of these conditions is required for initial recruitment.

The employment contract is deemed to have completed and completed the evaluation and the required verification documents.

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