Recruiting for full-time residential and non-residential EFL teachers in United Kingdom

Recruiting for full-time residential and non-residential EFL teachers in United Kingdom

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Country of Job Position: United Kingdom

Oneworld's education is currently recruiting full-time and part-time teacher full-time teachers of EFL home and non-resident activities to work at our Bournemouth Talbot Heath School on our enjoyable summer course.

International students come from China and have English students who attend classes that day.
• Full-time teacher (6 days per week) Accommodation and meals £ 500 per week
• Full-time non-resident teachers (6 days a week) 425 pounds a week with lunch
• Residential full time manager (6 days per week), £ 300 per week (including accommodation and meals)
• Based on experience, non-resident part-time teachers from £ 200 a week (8:30 to 12:30 Monday to Friday)

Training requirements:
• Certification TEFLI (CELTA, Cert.TESOL or equivalent)
• The teaching experience of previous EFLs under the age of 18 is desirable.
• Experience in educating students aged 8 to 18 is desirable.
• New qualified teachers are welcomed and supported
• Last year, teachers are welcome, and will support them accordingly.

Requirements for leaders in activities:
• Past experience with children under the age of 18 in the desired environment
• Coaching qualification is also desirable
• Energy needs a flexible and flexible posture

Email CV and self introduction:

You should contact us at the moment with the contact details of the two related arbitrators.

Violations of your resume should be explained to your satisfaction.

You must get DBS management (or equivalent if you live outside of the UK). It is required to sign the 1989 Child Protection Declaration, which records the welfare of children. Why he can not work with children

Your passport and your certificate (either original or certificate) will require an official ID.

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