ECC is looking for English teachers in Japan

ECC is looking for English teachers in Japan

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 16, 2018

Country of Job Position: Japan

Canadian faculty celebrate 56 years in charge of ECC - Interview with Toronto UU Canada UU May / June, May UK, May / June Australia

ECC, which celebrated its 56th anniversary, has steadily grown and now has more than 150 offices throughout Japan. ECC aims to promote the spirit of multiculturalism represented by a team of 15 nationalities with over 650 native speakers.

Minimum requirements
Native speaker
· Above level.
· Be able to work for more than one year

ECC Contract and Working Conditions:
It is important to find a reliable employer for individuals wishing to work overseas.
ECC ensures that we provide the most advanced contract packages in English schools. We have gained a reputation as a very supportive and trustworthy employer, and most of our teachers are attracting other schools here. We are providing 35 hours a week. Other companies offer 40 hours on the same payroll. We offer two to four weeks more vacation than our competitors. I am confident that your current education team will help you come to ECC.

ECC provided:

Comprehensive training and internal class planning
5 working days
Flying scholarship of 70,000 yen
Travel is fully refunded
Accommodation / Accommodation and support
Compulsory salary of 350,000 yen for 35 hours a week (about 25-27 hours)
Salary related to performance
Extensive Zone (134 days of full academic year refund)
Japanese social insurance, health insurance and annuity
Application: ECC focuses specifically on the following interview locations: (Individual interviews, demonstration of teaching methods, proficiency in English)

Canada :

Toronto (TORONTO) - Regular one-day employment sessions since June / July 2018 (different start dates for summer / winter / winter).


Washington DC area 26 May 27, departing in September
Austin May 29 and 30 (beginning in September)
Los Angeles, June 2, March
In addition, US citizens who wish to participate in recruitment events in Toronto, Canada, can always apply for a full year.
For more information and to submit an application, please visit and complete the online application.


For September posts, London (May 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th) (several other start dates). The session includes orientation, demo, grammar test, and interview. For more information and to submit your application through our online application process, please visit If you have any questions about employment in the UK, please email us at uk @

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