Glory Singapore International School in Thailand has multiple ESL teaching positions available

Glory Singapore International School in Thailand has multiple ESL teaching positions available

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Country of Job Position: Thailand

Grandness Singapore International School offers the best English dialect courses in Chinese and Thai educational programs. We coordinate these three dialect encouraging ways to deal with get ready future understudies for testing universes.

We will likely raise scholarly potential outcomes for youthful youngsters with the goal that dependable natives of the world can turn out to be tomorrow's pioneers.

Greatness Singapore International School is right now holding the accompanying understudies:

1. Two areas for local instructors in China with involvement in rudimentary training (Singapore educational programs)

2. No. 1 for local Chinese educators with encounter showing secondary school and secondary school understudies

3. Two Positions for Native English Teachers with Primary Education Experience (Singapore Curriculum)

4. Two areas for local dialect English instruction with encounter showing kindergarten understudies

One position for secondary school science educators comfortable with the SAT science test

6. One position for material science educators who know about the Physics SAT test

7. No. 1 for science educators who have encounter instructing primary school understudies in Singapore's educational programs

8. Two positions for arithmetic educators with showing background in starter polynomial math, variable based math, geometry, analytics

All candidate prerequisites

1. Educators who have obtained residency capabilities must have a four year college education identified with their activity for no less than three years.

You can show utilizing PCs and other specialized gear

3. All candidates are liable to composed exams and meetings.

Candidates who don't meet the above necessities won't be considered for educating.

On the off chance that you believe you should be set in this area, if you don't mind email Esther Chaomuangbon ( or CV to 0813592682 by means of email.

Honolulu Singapore International School

33 Soi Wachirathansathit 18

Dorothy Khumbit 101/1

Bangna Bangkok Area

10260 Thailand

Tel: 027479179,027479754,0813592682

Fax: 027478488

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