KOJEN is looking for Children English teachers who enjoy working with young English learners in Taiwan

KOJEN is looking for Children English teachers who enjoy working with young English learners in Taiwan

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

KOJEN One of the most celebrated and confided in English dialect establishments in Taiwan, it has more than 1000 staff and more than 30 branches. We are searching for English educators who appreciate working with youthful English students. You can have a kid making, developing, and patient consideration encounter. Since achieving another nation can be a test, new educators offer exceptional social advantages. We will go with you while applying for a work visa.

Since 1982, KOJEN has been focused on the understudy's learning vision, or, in other words to the educational modules and addresses. So our scholarly group is here to encourage you. Your schoolmates will make your change and learning background more pleasant. In our phenomenal instructive projects, even the unpracticed educator can stroll to the floor. A run of the mill address plan gives you a lot of time to seek after your different advantages in Taiwan. Kojen is yours on the off chance that you need to invest a decent arrangement of energy assembling and supporting new educators, discovering time to investigate the nearby culture while increasing precious direction to work for an instructive association.

KOJEN offers the accompanying:

(1) Very Competitive Salary: Opportunity to acquire more than NT $ 70,000 every month dependent on capabilities and experience

(2) Ancillary administrations of in any event NT $ 8,000 every year

(3) Work allow and wellbeing examination

(4) Free air terminal get.

(5) Your initial 7 days free remain

(6) Health protection

(7) Educational and instructive help (giving course books and educational modules)

(8) It increments when all the more learning is gathered.

Necessities :

(1) Degrees

(2) No instructing knowledge required

(3) Minimum exertion is required for one year.

(4) Native speakers with an English-talking nation identification

(5) Since June 14, 2017, the Taiwanese government is requiring all nonnatives (eg, FBI) ​​to apply for work in Taiwan to show their nation's "criminal record" in their own nation. For Canadian subjects, it would be ideal if you get in touch with US Citizens and RCMP examiners).

It would be ideal if you send your resume to kojenjobs@kojen-els.com.tw for intrigued candidates.

Sean Chou, Ph.D.

English Center KOJEN

Email: kojenjobs@kojen-els.com.tw

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