Seeking an entrepreneurial technologist and ESL teacher for a new secondary school located in northern Tanzania

Seeking an entrepreneurial technologist and ESL teacher for a new secondary school located in northern Tanzania

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2018

Country of Job Position: Tanzania

I am enlisting another teacher and another secondary teacher in Makuuni, north of Tanzania. It needs autonomous experience and wants to have something to do with youngsters in provincial Africa. Guarantee.


The Tanzanian Education Corporation (TEC) is a non-legislative association situated in Boston with a mission to encourage future Tanzanian pioneers. Sleuth has been working with Tumaini Junior School since 2009 and is an elite K-7 primary school in Karatu City. Amid the initial 10 years, Tumaini Junior School routinely possesses 1-2% of the country's best schools. Tumaini Senior Secondary School is another four-year secondary school (Example 1-4) opened in January 2016. The new school is a specialized way to deal with the tent town close Arusha in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Detective is creating MINT preparing programs (science, innovation, building, arithmetic) to extend the administration's standard educational modules into PC programs.

The reason for the program is as per the following.

I) Providing understudies with advanced innovation that upgrades the aggressiveness of instruction and work.

ii) give specialized instructor preparing and direction for the school to utilize computerized apparatuses in day by day classes;


- Working with a second programming instructor to direct PC programming courses and educational modules advancement.

- Maps of classes for Forms 1 and 2. Shape 1 utilizes square constructed learning backing to center in light of composing, word handling, and essential programming ideas. Shape 2 utilizes square based learning bolster devices to learn propelled programming ideas and proceed onward to composing genuine code.

- The consummation of the novel conceivable outcomes of the program to advance understudy exertion and imagination by coordinating intriguing ventures and instructing techniques.

- Maintain the processing assets of the school's PCs and equipment.

- Help Tanzanian instructors enhance their abilities.

You require

- At slightest once.

- IT information demonstrated through scholastic execution and related work involvement

- Knowledge of programming dialects ​​such as HTML, Javascript, and Python.

- Basic information of equipment to keep PC lab in school.

- Africa's encouraging background and universal experience are exceedingly attractive.

- Cultural affectability The capacity to learn and prevail in different societies.

Extra Information

Sleuth offers a grant to take care of the expense of living, including the expense of a round-trip visa territory.

Contact: Frank Lee, Tanzania Education Corporation,

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