Busy Bee Academy is looking for a number of enthusiastic, motivated and reliable English teachers in Spain

Busy Bee Academy is looking for a number of enthusiastic, motivated and reliable English teachers in Spain

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Country of Job Position: Spain

Busy Bee Academy is an enthusiastic dialect focus to give an energizing and dynamic course for customers to learn in an extremely fun and fun way. We are a youthful, sound and agreeable organization in a delightful area in Las Palmas city.

We are searching for a hard, inspired and reliable instructor to join our developing group of learning and experience.

The job of English educators at the Busy Bee Academy is available to all alumni and experienced and inspired instructors. We esteem Montessori children, teenagers, and grown-up candidates who are qualified and experienced in grown-up instruction.

Specifically, we survey ability and clear exercises.

We are in the extension stage, so there are different undertakings running from youthful disciples matured 3 to 12 to youngsters.

Wages and Benefits

Apprentice pay rates differ contingent upon experience and different capabilities.

15 hours every week Monday to Friday evening and Saturday morning.


Incorporated into all activities.

• Education and fundamental administration.

• Planning, readiness, and arrangement of different classes or age exercises

• Prepare and stop exams, exams, and graduation works out.

• Markings and fitting remarks on oral and composed works.

• Development and creation of new materials including varying media materials.

• Participate and partake in instruction.

• Participate in showcasing occasions to advance the institute.

• Meetings with the administration group and guardians.

I wish you one of the accompanying capabilities:

• Certificate of English for Adults (CELTA)

• Certificate of instructing English to other dialect instructors (CertTESOL)

• Expand CELTA Youth (YL)

• Certificate of Young Talent (TYLEC).

Competitors should audit the police records of both the Spanish and the locals who are perceived as working in the EU.

It is fitting to encourage youth or grown-up Trinity and Cambridge programs.

Required Skill:

• Friendly and safe appearance

• Good arranging and authoritative aptitudes

• Ability to work weight.

• Flexible and versatile guide styles.

• Creative aptitudes and educational programs improvement thoughts in handy and fun exercises.

• Excellent correspondence and listening aptitudes.

• Emotional resilience and diligence.

• You can communicate in Spanish well in Spanish.

If it's not too much trouble send your resume to info@academiabb.com

Title: BBA 2018 Job Application

Somewhere around two current references are required.

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