We are now looking for native English speaking Camp Counsellors for Summer 2019 in Germany

We are now looking for native English speaking Camp Counsellors for Summer 2019 in Germany

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, November 17, 2018

Country of Job Position: Germany

Show your local dialect and experience REAL Germany with a youthful, devoted expert from around the globe!

"LEOlingoS├╝ddeutschland" has summer camps in English and French for kids in Bavaria, Germany, in southern Germany. We center not around showing concentrated vocabulary and punctuation, but rather on how local dialect kids comprehend and talk the dialect. Our specialists are basically English and French local to the world, including the United States. Joined States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.

Day by day torment is an oceanic science surrender, a stone that finds out about the nation and culture of torment, from different and energizing projects for youngsters to fun artworks, blissful portrayals, experience exercises, for example, national games and skiing, to makes made without anyone else's input. Increment!

We are as of now searching for camp advisors in the late spring of 2019. In the meantime, it isn't just helpful to acknowledge youngsters while taking in the dialect, yet in addition a decent chance to develop a long lasting kinship with other youth around the globe. Investigate German culture and excellent southern Germany!

Note: We don't have paid experience organizations. Notwithstanding the month to month pay, we offer counseling to give free convenience and dinners amid the camp.

Working period:

The late spring incorporates multi week of necessary instruction from July 19 to September 6, 2019. We organize accessible candidates amid this period.

Prerequisite: People

- Applicants must talk local English or French-English speakers

- Experience in summer camps or experience regular to youngsters ages 7 to 15

- It doesn't require German abilities, however might be valuable.

To get, if it's not too much trouble visit our site at https://www.leo-lingo.de/leolingo-infos-and-jobs-sued.aspx or for more data on Anne-Marie (albone@leo-lingo.de) Please get in touch with us for both the application shape and the application frame.

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