KNES is currently seeking individuals passionate about teaching English to children in Taiwan

KNES is currently seeking individuals passionate about teaching English to children in Taiwan

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2018

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

KNES has over 30 years encounter instructing English to youngsters in Taiwan. We give a strong, organized condition appropriate for new and experienced educators.

We are right now searching for eager individuals to show our youngsters to join our group in Shinjing County, Taiwan.

We are searching for instructors to serve the accompanying:

1) Kindergarten instructors (full-time)

Begin date: January 2019.

Job: Our kindergarten program is in charge of directing a progression of courses for kids from 4 to 5 years of age

2) Alternative educator (full-time)

Begin date: January 2019.

Job: You are in charge of instructor preparing amid your excursion. Adaptability among division and branch is required.

Their work

• Create a drawing in exercise plan that spurs youthful understudies.

• Maintain all around kept up classes in a warm and complete condition.

• Improve your kid's English capability.

• Promote the dynamic advancement of every kid's identity.

We give you

• An organized and strong workplace.

o Well-planned educational programs.

o Textbooks (overviews, assignments, cards, programming)

Little classes (normal 12 understudies)

o Work plan from Monday to Friday.

Or possibly on ends of the week

• Competing monetary bundles.

o Monthly assurance (NT $ 60,000 ~ NT $ 64,000)

o Monthly Aid Bonus (NT $ 2000)

Fractional remuneration (NT $ 10,000)

o Miscellaneous rewards (occasional surrender period, visa discount, and so on.)

• Support visas and work grants.

o We process most archives for you.

o Assume cost.

• Support compromise.

o Free get benefit from the air terminal.

Or on the other hand guided visits

Or on the other hand preparing time

o Free remain for two months in the wake of preparing.

Help me discover my condo.

You will require -

• Has an international ID in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States

• Acquire a degree in any field (tolerating a partner degree from TEFL)

• Have a perfect criminal record (this turns out to be a national criminal record inside the most recent four months)

First applicant

• Is there a TEFL declaration or proportionate?

• You can sign a multi month contract.

• Have the energy and excitement to show English and educate kids.

How might I apply? -

In the event that you are intrigued, if it's not too much trouble send a cover page and CV to

About Us

KNES is a non-public school offering English courses for kids from 3 to 12 years of age. All projects are led in English and have an organized educational programs.

We are glad for our expert helpful workplace. There are currently in excess of 19 full-time English educators at home the world over. This number just increments if the school keeps on developing.

There is a branch office in Shinjuku. We are for the most part situated in Zhudong incense and Zhubei city. Two of them are encompassed by excellent mountains, however effectively open to real urban communities, for example, Zhubei and Hsinchu. Taipei's biggest city, Taipei's capital, is 30 minutes by rapid train and a hour and a half by transport.

Taiwan is a well disposed nation with a rich history and culture. Taiwan is additionally exceptionally advantageous and simple to move since open transportation is kept up.

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