We are a family-run ESL school looking for native English speaker ESL teachers in the capital of Madagascar

We are a family-run ESL school looking for native English speaker ESL teachers in the capital of Madagascar

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Country of Job Position: Madagascar

We have been giving ESL classes and administrations to the previous five years at the ESL Family School.

ESL Instructors join our group for local speakers, and ESL classes are offered at private guides and in Antananarivo, Madagascar capital.

Contingent upon your experience, you may energize an English club that you instruct or deal with an individual or a little gathering.

Our workplace is amicable and agreeable. We anticipate that the instructor should be proficient, open and dynamic. We can utilize all you bring to the table!

We are going to begin another school year in January 2019, and we need the instructor to work for no less than a half year beginning in the second seven day stretch of January. In a perfect world, the instructor will remain for over one year.

About work

We offer standard English courses dependent on materials known as Cambridge Interchange and Oxford American English File. We likewise offer tweaked courses and instructional exercises for meetings and test planning organizations and NGOs.

In 2018, we added youngsters' courses from 4 to 11 years of age. We anticipate proceeding to extend our training for this age amass in 2019.

Our understudies originate from assorted fields, from secondary school to secondary school. Software engineering, horticulture, back, the board, media experts. Representative, government worker, educator, in a hairdressing salon. Moving and responsibility for to NGOs, the travel industry administrators, and vast partnerships.

We offer distinctive course plans for our understudies. We begin from 7:00 am and classes proceed toward the beginning of the day and evening. Possibly you can include classes during the evening. Classes are extremely famous from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm on Saturdays.

Notwithstanding the standard course, we offer private exercises dependent on the time we co-arranged.

Instructing standard courses requires fundamental administration aptitudes and alluring techniques. Planning time for grown-up training is relatively pointless. Course books can be utilized for exercise anticipates grown-up training. On a basic level, the educator can pursue the exercise designs of the understudy/instructor's book.

We anticipate that approaching instructors should get 12 or 18 exercises for each week, and 5 additional hours on Saturday. Contingent upon the educator's involvement and abilities, and the necessities of the understudies, the instructor can take 6 to 12 hours additional time for understudies and private organizations.

Educators (with teachers) can take a long end of the week get-away. Our fourteen day break is generally toward the finish of December. You can likewise take a rest for 1 to about a month in July/August.

Installment and advantages

Rates are determined hourly (one exercise is time-based compensation). Saturdays are more costly than day. Classes for organizations and kids are top need.

Experienced and skillful educators have the chance to work with people or private mentoring/exercise organizations. They are paid at a higher rate than ordinary classes. This class may expect travel to different parts of the city. On the off chance that you have to travel, extra taxi admission will be charged.

At any rate $ 550 multi month is ensured. This is typically 20 hours every week.

The normal and run of the mill compensation is $ 900 every month. This is a mix of general courses, exercises, kids' exercises, and around 30 hours out of every week.

The most extreme regularly scheduled pay can be from $ 37 to $ 1,250 every week.

As a rule, classes have a width of +/ - 6 hours of the week. Private classes will fluctuate contingent upon interest and supply.

For educators from abroad, we can give basic transitory settlement in the school for multi month or they can enable you to discover facilities close to the school.

For an educator who is working with us for a year, we pay a reward of $ 500.

It would be ideal if you email the accompanying archive to <speakenglishtana.employment@gmail.com> in English.

1. Self-presentation

2. Three references

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