Guaranteed English Language Teaching Assistant Positions in Madrid and Madrid Region, Spain

Guaranteed English Language Teaching Assistant Positions in Madrid and Madrid Region, Spain

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Country of Job Position: Spain

As of January 2019, dialect associates are ensured in Madrid and Madrid. Korean basic and middle school. Extra 18 areas accessible for the correct candidate.

• 4 hours per day, 4 times each week, free on Monday, Friday or Friday. (16 exercises for each week)

• Contracts before the finish of June 2019 Optionally, in another school year (2019-2020)

* Accelerated Spanish "N.I.E." Number of every recognized candidate (Spanish outside populace)

• I work in a classroom with an English instructor and presumably another educator. All in English

• 1,000 euros for each month. Installments will be made toward the finish of June for all schools and open occasions.

• Free evening (to enhance private exercise salary as required). Given firm guidance

• Students who have no learning of (however welcome to)

• Help administration, open ledgers, and discover convenience.

• Couple's ask for is welcome.

Note: Because we can not charge expenses for our administrations to the school or to every instruction office, we charge an irregular charge of 200 euros for every dialect bolster effectively sent to take care of our fundamental administration costs. This may be paid if your production is affirmed by the applicable instructive foundation and you work in school.

For more than 30 years of activity, if you don't mind recollect that we don't charge any educators for our administrations. Out of the blue, we can not get our expenses through the school and the training part.

Every single related demand get a reaction.

** Other workplaces right now accessible in Madrid and Ciudadoreal (EFL). Different positions might be utilized all through the school year.

This position requires validation, for instance. CELTA, CELT, Cert. PGCE, for example, TESOL is likewise welcome. Couple's ask for is additionally welcome.

Assistant areas in the ensured dialect

To apply for this position, you should meet the accompanying prerequisites:

• Full college degree

• English local speakers

• A substantial identification holder of the EU/UK or a US international ID visa. UU/Spain, Canada (required for Youth Mobility program or demand from Canada in the US)

• Records of DBS reviews (revelation and blocking administrations) or applications.

A TEFL authentication is favored (not required). I have encounter working with kids and youth.

** Other areas (EFL) (not material to dialect bolster): CELTA, CELT, TESOL Cert. , PGCE or other licensed TEFL capabilities. The area of EFL may require distinctive experience.

Wages and recompenses

Dialect help: -

€ 1,000 for multi month (16 hours out of each week)

Mondays or Fridays are free on all occasions. Excursion is paid in Holy Week.

It is the underlying contract until the finish of June 2019, yet all positions can be stretched out by shared assention of the distinctive school years.

** Complete help for N.I.E application facilitating, PDA, and so forth.

Compose a refreshed individual resume in Richard Harrison in "Word" or "pdf" by email:

• Please told us the date of first shipment.

* A checked duplicate of your present international ID and professional education.

• All related applications get reactions. See "Occupation Requirements".

Different choices will be accessible by means of evaluations. We are hanging tight for your contact. Much thanks to you for your consideration.

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