Looking for candidates in Oman with a minimum 5 years of ESL teaching experience - post degree in the field of ELT

Looking for candidates in Oman with a minimum 5 years of ESL teaching experience - post degree in the field of ELT

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Country of Job Position: Oman

German educator

In the wake of moving on from ELT (advanced education) I am searching for candidates with somewhere around five years of instructing background.

Savvy class, eLearning, self-think about Individual exercise encounter is worthwhile.

Just local speakers can apply.

Capabilities: (Full-time learns at accreditation bodies)

• MA/M.Ed. Ace (Applied Linguistics/TEFL/TESOL) or

• BA in English BA + EFL Graduate Diploma/TESOL O

• Bachelor of Education (TEFL/TESOL + DELTA/CELTA/QTS 4 years - Status of Qualified Teacher)

Bahwan Cyber ​​Tek LLC:

Like the SEI CMMi Level 5 organization, Red Herring has picked BCT as the primary privately owned business in Asia and has been chosen by Deloitte for three back to back occasions in more than 500 quickest developing and APAC 500 in India. In excess of 1,300 experts in the United States, just as West Asia and India UU, have been named at this time of dynamic and supported globalization. BCT has workplaces in 11 nations and transportation administrations worldwide are in Chennai, India.

The best piece of the BCT trip was to interpret worldwide information to serve Oman and the natives. For over 10 years, BCT has worked intimately with the administration and made Oman learning specialists. As a component of this extraordinary activity, the Ministry of Labor and other government organizations have appointed the Oman Technical School, professional instructional hub, secondary school, Australia, UK, Ireland and New Zealand to furnish fantastic educators with an emphasis on nations. New Zealand, India, Philippines, Tunisia, Jordan, South Africa, USA, and so on.

To consent to government activities, we have been occupied with this profession for over ten years. We are as of now enlisting English specialists in Oman's professional schools. Finding your resume through our activity entrance finds your capacity to address our issues.

It would be ideal if you send a refreshed resume to kanagalakshmi.p@bahwancybertek.com with a cc to karthikj@bahwancybertek.com. We anticipate your incite answer.



Bahwan Cyber ​​Tek LLC

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