We require two native-level English, TEFL-qualified teachers to start working from September 2019 in Russia

We require two native-level English, TEFL-qualified teachers to start working from September 2019 in Russia

Date of Job Posted: Friday, February 15, 2019

Country of Job Position: Russian Federation

Starting in September 2019, a nine-month contract with Zheleznodorozhniy in Moscow, Russia requires two English instructors with TEFL accreditation.

They will show a limit of 30 exercises per day, five days seven days. The time is 45 minutes. He additionally holds courses routinely with research pioneers and surveys and builds up his abilities.

Youthful understudies (7-12 years), exceptionally youthful understudies (3-6 years), young people (13-16 years) and grown-up training background are required to be qualified applicants. In the YL appraisal you will be in support. Practically 50% of our customers are youngsters, and we are searching for an educator who can work paying little heed to this age without requiring extra preparing. Obviously it goes on with young people and grown-ups.

I trust that our instructor is sheltered, well disposed and innovative at the open. They must be energetic about English and English classes and endeavor to augment their capacities.

Instructors are relied upon to design their classes well with clear and attainable instructive objectives and suitable assignments to accomplish those objectives. The objective of the class is dependably to guarantee that understudies accomplish practically informative outcomes.

Instructors ought to most likely learn English language structure appropriately and to almost certainly clarify the importance and capacity of structure and vocabulary securely, precisely and successfully. Applicants are assessed in the meeting.

In the event that you don't meet these prerequisites, don't matter.


Required: CELTA/Trinity TESOL/TEFL English classes + Open to the general population (not on the web) with involvement in YL and VYL training/TKT/DELTA/MA.

Entirely attractive: YL affirmation + direction experience of youthfulness and adulthood.

Imperative: For candidates whose local language isn't English, the educator must utilize English C2. Declaration like Cambridge: Competition obtained in the course of recent years or IELTS score 8.5 or above is proof. Generally your English information will be evaluated on your application and in the meeting. On the off chance that you don't meet these language prerequisites, don't have any significant bearing. This is a solid demand from our customers, so applications from competitors with short of what one local speaker won't be acknowledged.

Wages and advantages

The agreement time frame is nine months, and the probation time frame is three months. This incorporates:

- Reward 80,000 rubles for each month

Applicants) This number incorporates discounts and regularly scheduled installment slips for shared condo rentals, tickets and visa charges.

- Regular workshop

- Russian exercises at deep discounted.

Kindly send your resume and application to Maria Timakova (Director of Studies) at mariatimwork@gmail.com

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