Looking for native English speaking teachers in English and other subjects. The position is in Thailand

Looking for native English speaking teachers in English and other subjects. The position is in Thailand

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Country of Job Position: Thailand

There are two projects in our school. It is an English program (EP) and an extensive English language program (EIS).

English Language Program (PE) The educator instructs understudies to take an interest in classroom assignments in classroom assignments, classroom assignments, and assignments in relegated classrooms.

Classroom instructors may need to show English (language structure and correspondence), software engineering, clubs, and physical training. Notwithstanding, subjects may fluctuate contingent upon the coordinated effort with the specialists.

Educators need to encourage math classes 4-6 times in kindergarten class.

- Maximum length of 18x50 minutes out of each week.

- Up to 32 understudies for each class are very knowledgeable in unknown dialect educators.

There are 25 understudies in kindergarten class.

Medical coverage

There are Thai Master Teachers and Thai Helper Teachers in all classes. Contact the Thai government to help oversee secretarial instruction.

Each EP classroom is great prepared. Projectors, shrewd board PCs, advanced representations and forced air systems are commonly stock-wealthy in each classroom. Every instructor additionally has his very own PC and printer.

The English language program and its related EIS programs are set up by a substantial group of remote instructors. We have a devoted EP staff to arrange our work allows and visas and to contact the Thai government.

English for Integrated Studies (EIS):

1. English educator

Science educator

Math educator

- 18 × 50 minutes every week

- 45 to 50 understudies for every class.

- National medical coverage

- A Thai instructor manages and connect with the Thai routine.

- All classrooms have projectors, PCs, and computerized watcher amplifiers.


- English as a local language (NES)

- Bachelor's certificate (English, math, normal science, first, yet a bit much)

- Some involvement in instruction.

- A cooperative person with an inspirational frame of mind.


- Monday to Friday Business hours: 07:30 to 16:30

- Up to 18 exercises for each week.

- Serving in introduction in English, support for movement. Take an interest in yearly camp in English.

administration :

- Minimum Wage Full Time Position:

- 38,000 baht/month in the situation of the English program.

- 35,000 THB/month from the situation of the Integrated English Study Program.

- Annual standard (maximum point of confinement: THB 45,000/month)

- Support visa and work grant applications other than B visa.

- Opportunity to work in a well disposed condition and in a decent situation.

Candidates must most likely lead casual meetings after the show class.

On the off chance that you are intrigued, ep.anubarnsurin1@gmail.com can normally send you an email with all reports. Ongoing photographs, identifications, capabilities, titles, TEFL, and so on.

Or on the other hand you can apply specifically to the English Language Program Office. It would be ideal if you email us to change the demand time with the goal that somebody can see it.

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