Needed: Native English speaking male camp counselors to Taiwan on a paid working holiday tour

Needed: Native English speaking male camp counselors to Taiwan on a paid working holiday tour

Date of Job Posted: Monday, March 11, 2019

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

Compulsory: Taiwanese men's camp in paid work trip (from June 16 to August 23)

For what reason would I be able to advance a male counselor? Roughly 95% of candidates must total a program for female advisors and kids.

As a camp guide, you are working with kids matured 7-12. Toward the beginning of the day he shows two hours of English with an accentuation on energetic amusement arranged instruction. Toward the evening, groups are drawn through amusements and other fun exercises structured and sorted out by you and different consultants (Science Day, Water Day, Cooking Day, and so on.).

The fourteen day camp together will investigate the way of life of Taiwan and Taiwan, which are held in various areas, every one of which is an individual from the receiving family. Each involvement in the family home is exceptional and interesting, yet one thing is sure: evacuating vacationers, submerging themselves in culture, way of life, nourishment, exercises. An individual who esteems ‚Äč‚Äčeverything throughout everyday life.

This program incorporates preparing, essential household costs (dinners, convenience, transportation), Chinese Massage, hand to hand fighting and yoga, and a mid year resort where you can find out around a multi day summer shoreline party.


Agreeable encounters with youngsters (instruction, classes, camps, and so on.) are required (singular classes are not qualified). TEFL, CELTSA and sensational foundations significantly improve the application.

Who ought to apply?

Do you like difficulties and prizes to work with kids?

Is it true that you are keen on getting a new line of work as a vocation?

You got a kick out of the chance to work in summer camps previously?

Do you like to design exercises and perceive how they flourish?

Would you like to investigate Taiwan to encounter life as an individual from a nearby family?

In the event that every one of you are upbeat, if you don't mind send your introductory letter and resume to

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