English Wizards is searching for qualified Native English Teachers to join our community of teachers all over Poland

English Wizards is searching for qualified Native English Teachers to join our community of teachers all over Poland

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, March 31, 2019

Country of Job Position: Poland

English Wizards

We are searching for local speakers of local English who might want to join our instructive network in Poland. We work with different language schools and people to offer our educators the chance to show different courses. This incorporates, in addition to other things:

• Small gathering discussion exercises.

• Courses for amateurs, and progressed for kids and adolescents.

• Korean kids' projects, kindergartens and summer camps.

• Business English courses at the organization's nearby dimension.

• Individual classes for understudies everything being equal and capacities.

All educators (aides we might want to call them) by squeezing the catch will approach the whole course reading database and day in and day out help, and set up each class as most ideal as.

We are a network of instructors, and the way that we are not a games school is entirely adaptable in timetable. If you don't mind let us know when and the amount you need to work. Likewise, would it take 1-2 weeks to travel? No issue Most guests are allocated a "default" time (15 to 25 hours out of each week), and on the off chance that they are capable, they can plan extra classes as required.

So as to address the issues of persistent open instruction, we employ educators and dependably acknowledge applications. All in all, there is where you can open rapidly and have a beginning area toward the start of the semester (September, March and June for summer camps). So you can apply whenever. Kindly reveal to me when you should begin.

We are planning to procure qualified identification holders from the EU as opposed to the EU. This is an extraordinary open door for the individuals who encourage English and need to work legitimately in Europe and who don't have an EU nationality.

- Payment and advantages -

We offer aggressive costs of 30 to 60 PLN per class contingent upon your work and your capabilities. The vast majority of our full-time personnel win more than 4,000 PLN every month (around 1,000 €). Notwithstanding your compensation, we offer an assortment of advantages and advantages that you can for the most part find just on costly travel abroad.

• Pre-takeoff support.

• Arrival and backing for settlement.

• Work allows and visa support.

• available preparing and every minute of every day support.

• Access our restrictive database of research plans and materials.

• Regular get-togethers.

We don't offer free evenings, however we will enable you to arrange your convenience as per your requirements and spending plan. The lease in Poland is exceptionally shabby. You can without much of a stretch live in the downtown area for under 1,000 PLN every month.

- Requirements -

All educators utilize English as their local language. For whatever length of time that they have an unmistakable complement of English in their local language, we can acknowledge non-nearby individuals on a case-by-case premise. We welcome candidates from all nationalities, we are pleased to have a different network of instructors from around the globe. Our educators are from 12 nations and 5 landmasses.

No less than one of the accompanying prerequisites is required:

• TEFL, CELTA, or equal (or prepared to get them)

• At least one year of instructing knowledge.

We don't require any extra necessities, since we offer an assortment of positions that work in such a large number of various schools. As much as you have more capabilities, we pay higher for the positions we can offer you.


You can apply at our site.

Website URL: https://englishwizards.org/

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