Advantage English in Japan has a full-time native English instructor position to start in May 2019

Advantage English in Japan has a full-time native English instructor position to start in May 2019

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, April 13, 2019

Country of Job Position: Japan

position :

As of May 2019, Advantage English has been a full-time local English instructor since 1996. Candidates must have involvement everything being equal and should likewise have the capacity and aspiration to work before the examination camera. The pay reflects both the educator and the capacity to ponder.

have :

Advantages We offer English help. You can refresh to a one-year contract standard. All candidates must be local speakers with a four year college education or higher.

candidate :

Preparing is given paying little respect to understanding. candidate

It ought to be: youthful kids and neighborly design and experts.

Continuously spruced up, great identity, obligingness, dependably obeys Japanese social standards and propensities while working. The instructor should likewise have the articulation and capacity of "the voice of the educator".


270,000 to 28,000 + rounds for each month (contingent upon capabilities and experience) Up to 28 contact hours and 7 contactless hours of the week. The mentor is qualified for additional time pay. Ensured pay depends on ESL experience and initiation. Candidates will be informed of the assessed charge just on the off chance that they get in touch with you for follow-up meetings.

Working hours:

Advantages English is open from 9 am to 10 pm. Obviously there is no requirement for educators to be accessible whenever of the day. Every teacher has his or her timetable. In any case, independently employed instructors have room schedule-wise to seek after different interests, except if they are away. A couple of days are busier than others. Encounters and converses with instructors with superb educators and educators with cutting edge social aptitudes and introduction abilities.

excursion :

The teacher has a free Monday. Sunday is a standard occasion. The educator additionally paid week after week get-away in summer O-bon and winter week. All occasions are paid. Favorable circumstances Follow the standards and rules of the Japanese business in English.

class :

The timetable incorporates a wide combination of infants to grown-ups. We need to get results with every one of the understudies. Instructors are relied upon to utilize the demonstrated "Talk Advantage" technique, which is demonstrated by kids and grown-ups. Most classes are little, with a limit of 5 understudies, grown-ups are not permitted in specific gatherings of content gatherings, For kids, we utilize Let's Go as the default content for children.The preferred standpoint of an informed and experienced English instructor is the certainty to educate anyplace on the planet to get to numerous open doors later on. I have the capacity. Favorable circumstances An instructor coach is required.

individual :

We have numerous instructors who remain every year. We are simply and remunerating we all. Our turnover is under 2%, and most instructors have contracts and need to be with us. Most by far of workers are self-overseeing and keeping up elevated requirements. We have chances to develop and studios and studios.

If you don't mind send me the accompanying:

1. Resume

Current picture

Third identification photograph

4. Supplement a reference list into your pamphlet (better) or your resume.

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