Universe American Language School in Taiwan is seeking for English teachers to fill in the positions now

Universe American Language School in Taiwan is seeking for English teachers to fill in the positions now

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

Our school is searching for an educator who is as of now working.

At that point you can discover our work. In the event that you are intrigued or have more inquiries don't delay to get in touch with me.

Showing Children in Taiwan

I need a primary teacher

a year full time class task.

Space American schools are searching for two educators for us. The school offers a rudimentary and center school training program for youngsters from 6 to 15 years old in English kindergarten. Like primary schools in North America, every educator is in charge of each class. Understudies can not surpass 17 understudies for each class by age. Bilingual projects are not accessible. Our school readies our kids to wind up effective students and solid communicators in English.

Our English evening

Understudies in the program are from 7 to 17 years of age. Stress classes

English for correspondence purposes

Improve your perusing and composing aptitudes when you begin secondary school.

School needs:

1. English local language

2. Certificate from a licensed college.

3. A functioning and expert frame of mind and a genuine want to instruct kids.

4. Inspiration to fill in as a colleague to advance the soul of learning.

School offers:

First NT $ 50,000 to $ 55,000 every month

(The essential rate does exclude 1 USD = 29,377 NT ​​$/additional time.

Additional time pay incorporates 1 USD = 29,377 NT ​​$/pay per individual

Training background)

2. I paid an open occasion. (But New Year's Day)

3. Incredible Health Insurance

Get up at the airplane terminal.

5. Work Permit and Residence Visa.

Backing for stacking the initial two weeks of free convenience and financial balances.

Reward of NT $ 20,000 after contract.

8. An agreeable and synergistic condition with collaborators.

If it's not too much trouble determine

Current profession

Last photograph

3. Duplicate the primary page of your international ID.

4. Proceed

A duplicate of your recognition.

6. Duplicate of identification

7. Personal investigation of FBI (National Police Act)

MMR immunization (measles, mumps, rubella). (You can bring an animal types or immunization here)

The archive can be faxed or messaged (MS Word, TXT or HTML record group as it were). All solicitations are private. I might want to thank each one of the individuals who submitted sections, yet I urge you to answer just to the individuals who have been chosen. It would be ideal if you send all request and demands to Vicky Cheng by email.

Contact Email Address: universevicky@livemail.tw

Include: No. 219 Minguo Road, Taiwan Chassis (ROC)

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