We are seeking for a native English speaking Middle School STEM Teacher in Guatemala - August 1, 2019 Start

We are seeking for a native English speaking Middle School STEM Teacher in Guatemala - August 1, 2019 Start

Date of Job Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019

Country of Job Position: Guatemala

We are searching for a STEM instructor for secondary school.

American Decroly College requires amazing language abilities for all candidates Excellent composition and syntax, propelled involvement, progressed passionate insight and a good example for the learning network. Applicants from the US and Canada outweigh everything else.

Capability :

• College degrees and capabilities.

• I have three years of educating background.

• Clear record verifications toward the begin

* The begin date is August 1, 2019.

American de Colos School

Colegio Decroly Americano is a private blended bilingual (English-Spanish) and non-denominational school established in 1993 by Fomento Educativo. The school was established to give phenomenal training. We are perceived globally by NEASC.

examine plans

The educational modules comprises of kindergarten through evaluation 12, contingent upon the instance of tuition based schools in the United States. Concentrating on scholarly, enthusiastic and physical capacities, dynamic social cooperation, innovative and basic reasoning, and principles based instruction to advance stylish examination.

• 80% of the whole educational programs centers around English language instructing in English

• Continuing expert improvement programs.

• Academic directing and guidance programs.

• Systematic and continuous assessment criteria to guarantee understudy scholastic execution and individual execution.

• A program to help the understudy's individual needs.


There are many green spaces, play areas, gardens and numerous trees, soccer fields and exercise rooms, multipurpose rooms, PC and science labs, cafeterias, facilities and a server farm/library on grounds.


Monday to Thursday, from 18:55 to 14:30, and from 18:55 to 12:30 pm on Fridays we are committed to proceeding with instruction toward the evening (educator leaves at 3:00 pm on Friday). Co-curricular exercises happen Monday to Thursday at 2:30 pm. Until 15:30


There are an assortment of projects created for each evaluation from kindergarten through evaluation 12. All understudies have the chance to utilize the web and other sight and sound assets.

Advantages for universal educators

The CDA requires two years of exertion to give the agreement

• Monthly grants in nearby cash.

• Up to $ 750 for each ticket

• Housing sponsorship Q3,000.00

• Local medical coverage (if pertinent)

• Visa (green card)

• Work Permit

• School transports to/from school by school transport.

• Nachschulklubs/Tutorial for extra grants


Every month the grant is paid in nearby money and changes between $ 1,150.00 and $ 1,350.00 (the school will open a financial balance and a money card at the neighborhood bank). The average cost for basic items in Guatemala is less expensive than in different nations in the US and South America.

If you don't mind send a duplicate of your resume, territory of ​​interest, or school certificate to the accompanying email address.

Contact Email Address:

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