Kang Ning English School in Taiwan is currently seeking individuals passionate about teaching English to children

Kang Ning English School in Taiwan is currently seeking individuals passionate about teaching English to children

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

Instructing English in Shinjuku, Taiwan! Focused bundle Organizational and community workplace.

KNES has over 30 years experience instructing English to youngsters in Taiwan. We give an orderly situation the help that is suitable for experienced new instructors.

We are right now searching for individuals to effectively show our kids to join our group in Shinjuku, Taiwan.

We are searching for the accompanying workers.

Begin date: Summer 2019

Language and Role: You are in charge of giving English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and ESL program for 6-multi year olds in our After-school English Program.

The job of the kindergarten division: You are in charge of giving an ESL program to youngsters ages 3 to 6 in our preschool program.

Your main goal is -

• Create a convincing study hall intend to inspire and animate more youthful understudies

• Maintain well-kept up classes in a warm and far reaching condition

• Improvement of individual English abilities.

• Promote the constructive advancement of every tyke's character.

We offer you

• Structured, steady workplace.

o Well-structured educational programs

o Materials (studies, assignments, streak cards, programming)

Little class (normal 12 understudies)

o Fixed time from Monday to Friday

Or if nothing else on ends of the week

• Competitive money related bundle.

Ensured month to month compensation (NT $ 60,000 to NT $ 64,000)

o Monthly affirmation charge

o Partial support (NT $ 10,000)

o Other different rewards (regular reward end reward, visa discount, and so on.)

• Support visas and work grants.

o We process most archives in your name.

o I bear the expense.

• Support for settling

Free get from airplane terminal

Or on the other hand visit the site

Or then again preparing period

o Free remain for two months after the preparation time frame.

o Help me discover my loft.

You will require -

• You have an identification in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States.

• What level of degree (TEFL Associate Degree) will be granted?

• Maintain a spotless criminal record (this ought to be checked in the household criminal record issued over the most recent four months)

First competitor

• Have a TEFL authentication or proportional

• You can sign a multi month contract.

• I am energetic and excited about showing English and instructing youngsters.

Instructions to apply -

Partners will send introductory coner letter and CV at https://form.jotform.me/71412471121442

About Us

KNES is a tuition based school offering English classes for youngsters from 3 to 12 years of age. All projects are directed in English and have a well-organized educational modules.

We are glad to offer an expert agreeable workplace. There are right now in excess of 20 full time English educators on the planet. This number just increments as the school keeps on developing.

There is an office in Shinjuku. We are predominantly situated in Zhudong incense and Zhubei city. Encompassed by excellent mountains in any area, you can without much of a stretch access significant urban communities, for example, Zhubei and Hsinchu. Taipei is the biggest city in Taiwan's capital, 30 minutes by fast train and an hour and a half by transport.

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