We are looking for dedicated and passionate ESL teachers joining our native speaker teaching team in VietNam

We are looking for dedicated and passionate ESL teachers joining our native speaker teaching team in VietNam

Date of Job Posted: Monday, June 24, 2019

Country of Job Position: Viet Nam

We are searching for an enthusiastic instructor who is energetic about joining our local educator group to proceed with our fruitful state funded school organization program.

Our member program has been continuous for a long time and as of now utilizes instructors in the 2019-2020 school year (from mid-August 2019 to May 2020). Educators are told to instruct in different open organization programs in Hanoi. Understudies ages 6 to 17 are rudimentary understudies (grades 1-5), secondary schools (grades 6 to 9), and seniors (grades 10-12). Instructors can train one of three evaluations as per their evaluations and inclinations.

The class size is 35-45, yet as a rule there is dependably an educator aide, an English instructor at accomplice schools. General working hours are from 7:30 pm to 5 pm Monday through Friday, or from 7:30 pm to 12:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Without a class, the educator does not need to remain in school.

Reading material and educational programs are accessible. Instructors approach corresponding course readings, and limit plans to 20-25 exercises for every seven day stretch of 4-6 exercises for every week. Our exercise plan is predictable. When our educator goes to class, our instructor will train the understudies at school through the suggested evaluation so they will be a piece of the school.

It would be ideal if you perused the accompanying article and we will email your solicitation. Much obliged to you for your consideration.

recommendation :

• 460,000 - 550,000 VND every hour, contingent upon experience and capability

• Last Bonus

• Private mechanical medical coverage.

• Guarantee at least 60 hours of guidance for each month. Normal mindfulness endures 75 to 85 hours every month. Evaluated compensation changes from $ 1,600 every month to $ 2,000 per month (after assessment)

• Monday through Friday, or Monday through Saturday morning

• There is no month to month advantage derivation.

• Open a nearby financial balance.

• Be prepared to expand your administration.

• Teaching educational program by ESL strategy.

Make and oversee convincing gatherings

• Intermediate and end of the year tests.

• Participate in fundamental preparing workshops and gatherings.

• Participate in unique school occasions.

• Under specific conditions, spread whether it works in an English language focus.

• Regular contact with our office.

• Your bundle contains data, educational plan, and reading material.

• Friendly and cordial workplace.

vital :

• English speakers in the US, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the UK

• Associate degree (3 years)

• CELTA or TESOL endorsement or proportionate training.

• 1 year of instructive experience.

• clean policing of the police

• High vitality class.

• Enthusiasm to educate ESL

• Professional frames of mind and expert appearance.

• You can educate at a school regarding a language school.

• You can set impartial accents in the class

It would be ideal if you send your resume, current photograph and self-acquaintance letter with the accompanying email address: recruit@washingtonenglish.edu.vn.

Just competitors chose for the meeting will be reached.

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