Due to incredible growth this year, we need 5 more TEFL or CELTA certified teachers immediately in Peru

Due to incredible growth this year, we need 5 more TEFL or CELTA certified teachers immediately in Peru

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2019

Country of Job Position: Peru

Our Language Institute offers EFL and TEFL accreditations for almost 15 years. During this current time's remarkable development, we need five educators confirmed by TEFL or CELTA soon. In the event that you don't have TEFL affirmation (Certification Practice), we are a provider of Certified TEFL courses and utilize 80% of your alumni.

Peru is a lovely nation loaded with amazing landscape and individuals. At ELC here, our educator shows a normal of 108 exercises every month. We furnish you with solid help for managerial and scholastic issues. Our educational program is basic, and our system is unquestionably appealing. We need our understudies to have a ton of fun and correspondence with one another and with you consistently. Since we have a normal of 12.5 understudies, correspondence with every understudy is simple.

This is a decent piece of the world, yet it is a creating nation in Peru. Consequently, our understudies can not pay much for the class. Subsequently, flights and lofts can not be given. Be that as it may, we offer some moderate lodging decisions, and our educator can bring home the bacon from his pay. They procure between $ 4.75 and $ 6.00 60 minutes. Yet, the lowest pay permitted by law here is $ 1.25, so living with that salary isn't troublesome. It additionally offers airplane terminal get administrations, far reaching direction preparing, and progressing support from two scholastic organizers and general administrators.

On the off chance that you have ever considered Peru and might want to go through a half year at ELC, if it's not too much trouble send a one page resume and photograph.

Contact Us:

J. Christine Larsen Professor

Contact Email Address: teflperu@gmail.com

Our FaceBook Url: https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeLearning/

Meet in Arequipa, Peru!

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