Red Chair Recruitment is currently seeking English language teachers for our clients in Oman - 25 hours per week

Red Chair Recruitment is currently seeking English language teachers for our clients in Oman - 25 hours per week

Date of Job Posted: Monday, July 1, 2019

Country of Job Position: Oman

ESL ESTRELLA teachers can appreciate talks with across the country and national-Dublin interviews.

Red Chair Recruitment is right now searching for an English instructor at your school in Oman. The schools are situated all through the nation and give instruction and professional preparing in different fields. Understudies can gain an expert or four year certification in school, and numerous understudies make a trip globally to proceed with their training.

Meetings will be held in Dublin, Ireland toward the finish of July. All applicants are welcome to take an interest in these individual meetings. Note that on the off chance that you don't, your application isn't considered.

Blueprint of work

This activity includes instructing 20-to 25-hour seven days contact time for understudies in Foundation programs in Oman, ordinarily 18 to 20 years of age. Work week Sunday through Thursday. Notwithstanding showing an assortment of levels from novice (A1) to moderate (B1 +), educators might be required to instruct IELTS test readiness, since all Foundation understudies must accomplish five by and large evaluations to enter. Designing project


• Let's be proficient and difficult to speak to your school.

• You can make an exact and complete exercise plan for each class.

• You can utilize a movement or exercise activity relying upon the educational program you give.

• Outstanding capacity to utilize innovation and instructive assets.

Solid inspiration and capacity to impart unmistakably and successfully in the study hall.

Capacity to examine understudy advance and other applicable data with guardians and pioneers in detail.

• There is a social mindfulness about new condition and rehearses and new conventions in Saudi Arabia.

• Availability in troublesome situations.

• Discipline issues can be taken care of viably and reasonably.

• I am keen on the advancement and improvement of anxious understudies.

• Design and convey drawing in, intelligent exercises to convey basic learning results

• Make utilization of experience to enhance and adjust reading material to suit understudy needs.

• Provide understudy access and bolster the improvement of understudy self-governance.

• Use advanced instructing materials to improve educating and learning.

• Always show social mindfulness and responsiveness.

• Motivate understudies by structure solid connections and keeping up a reasonable and reliable restrained methodology.

• Participate effectively in expert advancement

Monitor understudies' advancement with the most recent precise class record, screen and record the test and become an individual from the advisory group.


• Consider a Master's certificate in English, Pedagogy, ESOL or Applied Linguistics, with a four year certification in English, Pedagogy and Linguistics.

• Requires DELTA, CELTA, TEFL, or identical.

• At least 5 years of experience.

• You can communicate in English in your local language

• Ability to move to any area in Oman

• Ability to play out every single past obligation.

Accessible bundles:

• Housing and compensation bundles (counting installments) for an assessment of 16,800 Yuan for each year

• flight

• Visa association and arrangement

• Extension of paid leave

On the off chance that these super distributions are important to you, if it's not too much trouble send your resume legitimately to

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