Looking for a Passionate English Teacher for Young Learners in Taiwan - $65,000 NTD monthly salary

Looking for a Passionate English Teacher for Young Learners in Taiwan - $65,000 NTD monthly salary

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

Instruct in Taiwan-Let's begin the new school year with us! Searching for an energetic English educator for youthful understudies!

Chiba Language School, with a past filled with over 30 years, is a private language school in P east of southern Taiwan, at first showing English and Japanese. Our well disposed and expert preparing group will be glad to enable you to move to Taiwan, regardless of whether you are an ongoing alumni or an accomplished instructor. In Chiba you will be helped at each stage.

Fixed Warranty:

9 am to 11:30 am, 2 pm to 6 pm

11: 30 ~ 12: 00 (discretionary lunch)

Monday to Friday as it were! There are no evenings and ends of the week!

Working time every week is around 17 hours 45 minutes

22 hours 15 minutes of the week

Calendar learning, travel, occasions, youngsters' breaks, snacks, recess, library time, and parental time.

English class educator:

From kindergarten to primary school

Little class (5-12)

Taiwan co-educators to help class the executives classes

Calendars, preparing projects, and materials are given.

What we offer:

- 65,000 NTD pay + 1000 NTD month to month membership

Ensured - 60,000 NTD Contract Bonus

- ARC working visa (cost paid by the instructor)

- Free outfitted settlement in strolling good ways from school (power charges are part between instructors)

NTD of $ 5000 paid five days of preparing

- All government occasions

- Bad climate day

- Paid following a half year 3 days, 7 days on the subsequent year

- 2 infection days installment

Join National Health Insurance in Taiwan

Necessities (approved request):

Canadian, US, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand international ID holders

- Barcelo Loves Shuras

Wellbeing of brain and body.

- 1 year devotion

- Kriminalaktenpr├╝fung

In the event that you are keen on showing English as a subsequent language and know about your tyke, it would be ideal if you check our site for more subtleties and apply on the web: https://www.chibals.com.tw/

Note: This isn't an enlistment office. If it's not too much trouble don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact Email Address:

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