We, JES Network, are looking for English teachers with a good understanding of Japanese culture

We, JES Network, are looking for English teachers with a good understanding of Japanese culture

Date of Job Posted: Monday, September 30, 2019

Country of Job Position: Japan

Setting data

JES Network, an instructive foundation situated in Taki, Hokkaido, has built up administrations for enhancement and extension of business in Sapporo.

Our JES system is searching for English educators who have a decent comprehension of the Japanese culture and instruction framework and have been sufficiently prepared or equal in the JET program.

Affirmation is gone for citizenship candidates. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Korea, Taiwan.

We are satisfied to work with Japanese instructors of English to make viable instructive designs for structure astute associations with understudies and welcome anybody willing to give a valiant effort.

Working hours: 30 to 35 hours per week (counting breaks). Extracurricular assignments were permitted on an excellent premise inside the agreement term.

Occasions: Saturdays and Sundays, open occasions, spring multi week, summer two weeks, winter two weeks.

Essential compensation: 230,000-250,000 yen (barring duty and protection premiums). They are accountable for lease and open administrations, for example, power, water and gas.

Low maintenance business is commonly restricted. In the event that you are keen on other low maintenance occupations, you should acquire earlier endorsement from JES. The activity keeps running under the supervision of JES.

We would like to endow the organization for over three years, yet we should vow to sign a one-year contract that can be stretched out to improve execution.

The outcomes will be declared before the finish of July 2018.

Make certain to append an educational program and graduation authentication.

More days.

Day 1 positioning: Horokanai,

2. Japanese level required: Applicants must have the option to comprehend essential discussions on normal themes and have the option to agree to correspondence necessities at school.

3. Driver's License: You should have the option to drive and need to have a vehicle.

4. Pay: 230,000 ~ 250,000 yen

5. The Company will bolster the gas charge up to 100,000 won if the vehicle is utilized for business purposes.

6. The lease in the territory is 15,000-25,000 yen for every month.

7. Medical coverage and charges will be deducted from your month to month rate.

8. Mishap protection is free.

9. Dedicated laborers have a high need.

10. Rent date: April 7, 2020

11. The year sal increment applies to the individuals who have gotten high stamps from school individuals and the educational committee.

12. Must have the option to talk and get Japanese.

A. Horokanai

1. One individual is permitted.

2. It is a city of about populace. 1,500 are regular.

3. Four schools

Beginning of work-April 7.

On the off chance that this is your case please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity. Would like to meet and talk more.

JES Network

Hokkaido Takigawa City Myojin March 1-3-10

Telephone: 0125-24-8897 (office)


Email: tsfjc033@ybb.ne.jp

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